We all have something made of wood in our homes. With that comes the likelihood of damage from mishaps like stains, bites, rot, or age. Before you decide to either live with it indefinitely or to call a handyman, consider patching things up on your own.

Shared below is a list of DIY fixes for wooden surfaces around the house. Burn mark on your oak table? There’s a fix for that. Holes in your baseboards? There’s a fix for that too. Exterior wood looking a bit petrified? You can do something about that. Check out these remedies!

  1. Stain It On Purpose

    Wood Stain coffeeCherished Bliss

    Give wood a lovely dark stain using coffee! See how Ashley at Cherished Bliss makes her stain from scratch.

  2. Water Stain Removal like a Pro

    CupRingRemoval1Quest TV

    Picked up a nice antique furniture piece that needs some love? Make it look brand new with the pro tips in this tutorial using polish and spirits.

  3. Toothpaste for Water Marks

    Image of toothpaste on wood.Zest it Up

    Death to water markings by toothpaste! You’ll have to use the plain pasty kind for this hack but by golly it works!

  4. Deluxe Scratch Mix Featuring Oil and Vinegar


    Got scratches on your floors or furniture that make you want to cry? Soothe your pain with this simple method using two household items.

  5. Damaged Goods

    Image of damaged furniture.Evolution of Style

    Furniture peels, scrapes, and breaks can be healed with this helpful repair from Evolution of Style.

  6. Nuts and Scratches Go Together

    Wood ScratchUseful

    You can make scratches and dings on wood disappear with a walnut. Just be gentle.

  7. All Dented Up

    Image of dented floor.Little House on the Corner

    Ironing out dented floors and tables is the ultimate DIY. Check out the method by Little House on the Corner.

  8. Clean Hardwoods Right

    Hardwood FloorsClean My Space

    Shine up those gorgeous hardwoods without hurting them. All you need is a few pantry items to restore them to their former glory!

  9. Mayo on That, Please


    If you weren’t a fan of mayonnaise before, you will be once you see how it makes quick work of wood table stains like water or burn marks.

  10. Dry Rot Be Gone

    Image of rotted wood.Three Dogs at Home

    Correct unsightly rotted wood without replacing entire door frames or window sills. Follow along with Three Dogs at Home.

  11. Stick a Toothpick in It

    Image of toothpicks in wall.Chatfield Court

    Others may not notice them, but you see those little holes in your baseboards and trim. Did you know toothpicks can help you plug up small holes in the wall? Learn how to hack it with toothpicks.

  12. Hide a Crack

    Image of cracked cabinet.The Life Jolie

    Years of wear and tear can take a toll on cabinets, causing them to split. Mend your broken cabinet with this simple fix from The Life Jolie.

  13. Put on the Kettle

    tea bagsPublic Domain Pictures

    Black teabags can be used to buff out the scratches on your wood floors and furniture.

  14. Shoe Shiner

    Image of wood and shoe polish.Decor Fixins

    Open a tin of shoe polish to seal in scratches and polish your floors or furniture. These come in a variety of shades that could make your repair work totally inconspicuous. Follow Décor Fixins’ simple instructions.

  15. Foil that Veneer

    foil on woodThe Black Sheep Shoppe

    Blogger Patricia at The Black Sheep Shoppe rehabbed her wood pedestal table using foil and an iron. No more chipped wood!

Such a shame when wooden surfaces around your home don’t hold up. But you don’t have ignore the problem or spend a whole bunch of money to repair things. Fix it on the cheap!

Have you ever rescued a wooden item in your household on your own? Do you know any other DIY wood repair tips?