When you invite someone over to your home, you can only hope that they will treat your home with the same respect they would treat their own home. A good houseguest picks up after himself or herself and tries to leave things as close to the way they left it when they found it as possible. A good houseguest also respects the rules of your house and treats it better than their own home.

Not all houseguests are respectful, and if you have been unfortunate enough to invite someone over and have them do something very disrespectful to your home, chances are, you didn’t invite them back.

Not that it necessarily helps to hear stories of woe from other people, but it does help to know that we’re not alone. If you are thinking of a story about a nightmare houseguest right now, you are not the only one.

One Reddit user asked, “What is the most disrespectful thing someone did in your house?” Some of the answers might make you laugh, and some of them will make you wonder how someone could possibly be so disrespectful.

  1. Tomato Plant

    Shared by Reddit user saltedmetalhoney2:

    My wife tended to a tomato plant… one single tomato plant… for weeks to get one bud. She cultivated it, pruned it, watered it, everything. Just as it was getting to be picked, we had movers there and one ate it. Actually he ate half and threw away the second half. Twenty years later, it still think that my wife will kill that man if she saw him today.

  2. Punched the Wall

    gen3stang wrote:

    My cousin punched my wall. Left a hole and started laughing. When he got his first house I went over and punched a hole right in the wall. I waited for 11 years to do that.

  3. In the Bathroom

    farleys2 shared:

    A friend and his girlfriend came over for a few drinks and to just hang out. She went into the bathroom almost as soon as she got there and stayed in there for over an hour. I only had one bathroom at the time so this was a big inconvenience for bunch of drinking dudes. When she finally came out, we found that she had scavenged all the loose change laying around and had been smoking what we later found out was crack. When I told my friend what happened he was super embarrassed and left with her immediately. We later found some of her crack wrapped in a foil gum wrapper and tossed it. My friend said she had forgot something and threw a fit when he wouldn’t bring her back to get it.

  4. The Kids Made a Mess

    Shared by Union_of_Onion:

    A friend was over with her husband and their two young children. They were here to meet my new baby. Their kids both were running and wrestling in the living room and they knocked my drink off of my end table all over and onto the magazines I had below it. I asked her if I could get her a towel and she says to me, “they already know they’re grounded when they get home. They don’t clean up there, either.” I cleaned her own damn kids’ mess in my own house. She wasn’t kidding about them destroying their own house, up high as they could reach was a band of crayon scribbles all along the rooms in every single room in that house.

  5. Grandma

    Written by Blind_Faith1012:

    A friend of mine told me this story: a guy he invited into his house, I guess a friend. Was laughing at him for taking care of his grandma, and because he couldn’t afford a nursing home for her.

  6. She Brought a Dog with Her

    ccc9092 wrote:

    Roommates friend brought her dog over for the weekend while she stayed with us, she said it was her emotional support animal. Dog took a dump in my room and the friend refused to clean it up. Needless to say, I informed my roommate she was not welcomed back.

  7. Not Even an Apology

    Added by adeon:

    Yanked my blinds off the wall hard enough to break them and didn’t apologize.

  8. Could’ve Used a Towel

    Written by RatTeeth:

    My Mom always loved to tell the story of the time my Dad’s brother spilled a pop on the coffee table and wiped it up with a throw pillow.

  9. Thief

    SirenSkye17 wrote:

    Stole my mothers jewelry. It was missing for about two weeks before (who we eventually figured out stole it) ninja returned it without us noticing for a couple days. They put it back where they found it in her dresser.

  10. Very Rude

    Shared by kriavol:

    Came over uninvited, sat on my couch leaving me no room to sit and stayed on their phones for 5 hour without a single word to me. Tried to talk to them, they never responded.

  11. Don’t Mess with Girl Scout Cookies

    Written by NeedsMoreTuba:

    Ate all of my Girl Scout cookies.But wait! That’s not all. He also drank all the milk because the cookies made him thirsty.

  12. Death Is Not a Laughing Matter

    Reddit user BerdyBoi6969 wrote:

    My dog passed a while ago and I was saying something about him and this guy I knew laughed about how he died. “Imagine a dog dying to a heart attack?That’s just fucking sad bro”(all being said while laughing). Needless to say I don’t know that guy anymore.

  13. Pregnancy

    Shared by shaka_sulu:

    More of a cute anecdote. My best friend and his wife had problems with his landlord. So I told him my wife and I were going away for a month and asked him to house sit so he could leave his building and don’t’ have to rush into getting a new place.Two months later he announced he and his wife were pregnant. I asked him how far along was she. And he said “let me just cut to the chase, yes we made a baby in your house.”

  14. That Would Be a Surprise

    Added by gildedblackbird:

    She hid a handgun under a pillow on my couch. Did not tell me.My first time meeting my brother’s gf, they stopped by my house for a visit, then headed downtown for a bit to do some sightseeing. After they left I was tidying up – I picked up a pillow on my couch to fluff it and -surprise!- there’s a gun sitting there. I had to have a talk with my brother when they got back….

  15. Premature Baby

    rowdyate9 shared:

    My son was 5 weeks premature and when he was three weeks old (fresh outta the NICU) my friends wanted to come over to meet him. When they came they brought along their friend who I had never met before and didn’t even introduce him to me. They also brought food. Usually when people bring food to a family with a newborn they leave it for the family to eat. Not my friends. They made me throw an impromptu dinner party and left all the dishes. They also stayed for over four hours and I had to remind them multiple times to quiet down because they kept getting rowdy and I had a THREE WEEK OLD PREMATURE BABY. I still get annoyed thinking about it