Disneyland closed its theme park gates back in March, 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. Originally, the California theme parks were set to reopen on July 17th, 2020, but that is no longer the case. The theme parks and hotels will remain closed awhile longer.

The state of California is planning to release theme park reopening guidelines “sometime after July 4th,” and Disneyland says that will not give them enough time to comply with the guidelines by the original reopening date. After all, it will take time to get cast members back to work and up to speed.

There are mixed reactions to Disneyland’s decision to delay the reopening. On Twitter, some people have commented that they are glad the reopening has been delayed.

Thank you for being wise in this. Your state is spiking at a terrifying rate. Please continue to value your employees in all your further decisions.”

It’s sad the park reopening will be delayed, but thank you so much for prioritizing the health and safety over anything. I hope everyone can visit back to the Park smiling and with no covid alert in the future once everything ends”

Thank you! This is a good move, for both the health of attendees and cast members.”

Other people are upset because they want to visit the theme parks.

Well this is stupid i just want to go to Disneyland.”

Other people are wondering what this means for the other Disney theme parks, such as the ones in Florida.

Has there been a similar announcement about Florida?”

So far, Walt Disney World in Florida still plans to reopen in a phased approach starting on July 11, 2020. Many people wish Disney would reconsider. Watch the video below for more details.


If you already have a vacation planned to Disneyland, you will still be able to visit the Downtown Disney District which is going to reopen on July 9th. The shopping and dining area has been approved to reopen in line with guidelines for restaurants and stores in the state of California.

Disneyland is going to wait until after they learn California’s theme park reopening guidelines before they announce a new reopening date, but once they do reopen, guests will have to comply with new rules including having their temperature checked and wearing face masks.

Do you think Disneyland made the right decision to delay the reopening of the hotels and theme parks? Do you think the parks in Florida should still reopen on July 11th?