Denny’s Server Quits After Confrontation With Customers Who Refuse to Wear Masks

In the age of the COVID-19 pandemic, masks have become a basic requirement when entering most public places, from grocery stores to restaurants and everything in between. It makes sense since face coverings have been proven to help limit the spread of the virus from one person to the next, especially when indoors.

However, that doesn’t mean everyone always complies with the rules. Take this woman, who threw a literal tantrum inside Costco while being asked to put on a mask, or the woman who claimed to have a breathing problem in Trader Joe’s and refused to put on her mask as well. This woman claimed the reason for her not wearing a mask was a medical disability, arguing that argued that she had a “constitutional right” to her pizza order.

Whenever someone refuses to follow mandatory procedures, they’re not only risking the health of themselves and those around them, but they’re also putting the workers of the facility in a tough spot, too.

Recently, one of Denny’s servers got so annoyed with people refusing to wear masks inside the restaurant that she flat out quit. It was one specific incidence that put her over the edge.

Two men walked into the restaurant without a mask. The woman greeted them but told them she couldn’t seat them until they put their masks on. Their response? That they were exempt due to religious reasons. After trying to explain that it was a requirement in the restaurant a few more times, she finally lost it.

The woman threw down her apron and walked angrily out of the store. “I quit!’ she yelled. “What is wrong with you people?”

The manager finally appeared after a few moments and tried to calm down his employee (with little luck), while also telling the two that they had to put on their masks.

The men eventually left the restaurant, and it is unclear whether the woman really did quit her job. Either way, this is a good example of how people are being pushed to the limit when it comes to the pandemic and health precautions in general.

To see how the situation went down, check out the video below.


Do you wear a mask when you’re out in public? Have you ever seen someone refuse to put on their mask when inside an establishment that requires one? What do you think of how this woman reacted?