How to Defrost Your Car Windows Twice As Fast in 4 Easy Steps

When we’re already running late for work, school or an important appointment, the last thing we need is our car to slow us down before we even pull out of the driveway. We’re not talking about an actual problem with the car. We’re talking about something extremely common that you might deal with on a daily basis: foggy windows.

Usually, we just get in the car and turn on the dials to the defrost setting, but that can take awhile. If it’s urgent that you leave right away, you might be tempted to hit the road before your windows fully defog, and we probably don’t have to tell you that that’s not the safest idea because, well, you won’t be able to see out the windows.

You don’t need to risk getting in a car accident because you can’t see out your foggy windows when you’re running late. All you need to know is how to get that fog to disappear quickly.

Sure, you can buy a liquid to put on your windows to prevent them from fogging up (and it works), but there is a less expensive way.

Mark Rober has a great way of making science easy to understand. He used the scientific method to find an easy 4-step way to defrost windows twice as fast as what you’re probably already doing.

First, Rober explains the science in an entertaining and relatable way. Then, he clearly explains the results of his experiment and challenges viewers to try it themselves to see if it works for them.

Watch the video below to learn how to save time when you need to defog your windows.

Some viewers have shared that an even easier method is to take a towel and simply wipe the condensation off the windows. This may be true, but if you don’t have a towel on hand, Rober’s steps are worth trying.

How do you defog your windows? Are you going to try the steps Rober suggests? We’d love to know if it saves you time!