Usually, when someone is dead, he or she is dead. Medical personnel do not pronounce someone dead flippantly. This story is anything but usual.

On Sunday, paramedics received a call about an unresponsive 20-year-old woman. They arrived at her home and confirmed that she was not breathing. 

After 30 minutes spent trying to resuscitate the woman, the paramedics determined that the young woman was dead and that she could not be resuscitated. They contacted the Oakland County Medical Examiner’s Office, and an official there also declared the woman dead.

This story is far from over. Watch the video below to find out what happened after the woman’s body was transferred to the James H. Cole Funeral home.



Dave Fornell is the deputy commissioner of the Detroit Fire Department. Fornell told ABC News that the funeral home called him when they discovered that the woman was breathing. Fornell went on to say that “the funeral home told them that she was to be embalmed and all that. It kind of surprised us. We couldn’t believe it.”

Fornell added, “I talked to our medical people and they said she was breathing, she had a decent heart rate, she had decent blood-oxygen. But she was definitely alive when we got here there.”

The woman is currently at the Sinai-Grace Hospital in Detroit. We do not know why she stopped breathing in the first place. It is definitely strange for somebody to stop breathing, have no sign of life, and then start breathing normally again the next day.