Many cities require citizens to wear face masks while going out in public, such as running to the grocery store or pharmacy. Many people choose to wear face masks any time they step outside even if it is not required. Wearing a face mask is a great way to protect yourself and the people around you, especially when social distancing is difficult at times.

We’ve already seen numerous ways to make our own reusable fabric face masks (both sewing and and no-sew options), and there are many, many people creating and selling fabric face masks. Some of these masks are sold on Etsy, but now even Disney is selling face masks.

You probably own at least one face mask by now. Maybe you made it. Maybe you bought it. Maybe you’re wondering if you can clean it, and if so, how.

If your mask is made from fabric like many of the DIY masks we’ve seen, yes, you can absolutely clean it. Since COVID-19 can live on fabric for up to 7 days, it’s actually a really good idea to clean your face mask before reusing it. If you need to wear a face mask every day, it’s also helpful to have more than one mask so that you can cut down on how often you need to clean it.

But, how do you clean a face mask? You can wash it in your washing machine with hot water. You can also wash it by hand with hot water. What you should not do is put the face mask in the oven or microwave.

Watch that video below for more details about how to wash a reusable fabric face mask. You’ll also see that it’s even possible to clean a disposable face mask if you absolutely have to reuse it.

Do you wear a face mask when you go out in public?