If you are anything like us, you were positively glued to your TV screen for the finale of America’s Got Talent. Though we’ve watched pretty much every episode of all 10 seasons, we’re not afraid to say that this one was the very best, especially because it featured our girl, Darci Lynne, who—spoiler alert! —won the competition!

That’s right, the Oklahoma City native stayed strong throughout the entire season, a fact that was not lost on either the judges or the key home viewer demographic who ended up voting her through to the win.

When Tyra Banks announced that she had garnered more votes than her competitor, the equally talented 10-year-old Angelica Hale, Darci Lynne crumbled into tears of joy.

Darci Lynne AGT winAmerica's Got Talent
As the confetti flew and the judges and her family members raced the stage to congratulate the new winner, Tyra reminded the audience of what the pre-teen had actually managed to achieve.

On top of gaining legions of fans who had come to love the young ventriloquist, she had also won a million-dollar cash prize, as well as a headlining show on the Vegas strip.

But before we get TOO ahead of ourselves, we have to give you a recap of this gal’s final performance on the TV talent competition. Though we have sung the praises of Darci Lynne from audition to semi-finals and everywhere in between, we think her last act was by far the most impressive.

You see, the ventriloquist probably could have rested on her laurels and still won the popular vote, but she decided to up the ante in a big way for the finale by performing with not one but TWO of her puppets, Petunia and Oscar.

She kicked off the skit by showing off her comedic talents with an adorable argument between the two dummies, before launching into an oddly-affecting rendition of the Beatles’ iconic song, “With a Little Help from My Friends.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Darci Lynne brought down the house and brought all four judges to their feet. To see the full her full finale performance, click here. It’s just THAT good!

A grade school mega-talent’s thoughts before her win

Before the 12-year-old won, she gave a red carpet interview for Entertainment Tonight with both puppets right by her side. It’s obvious that Darci Lynne was nervous, but she went ahead and answered the questions better than most seasoned celebrities.

“It was definitely my trickiest performance—and the most challenging—but I’m so glad I pulled it off,” the modest winner says.

We’re just SO happy to see that this youngster’s hard work is paying off—to the tune of a million bucks. To watch the sweet pre-finale interview with Darci Lynne, be sure to click on Entertainment Tonight’s video below. You go, girl!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this stunning America’s Got Talent season. Who was your favorite performer or group? Do you think Darci Lynne deserved the win? Will her popularity follow her into her future endeavors?