Avery Sanford recently celebrated her 18th birthday. While that might mean a party, celebration and presents for some people, in Sanford’s case, it resulted in a very unusual delivery to her home.

Sanford was at home in class when she saw a truck pull up in front of her house. It was her dad. No, he wasn’t bringing her a gift or a birthday cake. He wasn’t brining her balloons or a happy birthday card. He was there to pay his final child support payment.

Sanford isn’t on good terms with her dad, and after seeing how he decided to pay his final child support payment, she has no regrets about her decision to stay away from him. Instead of writing a check, the dad literally dumped 80,000 pennies on the street in front of Sanford’s home.

Although Sanford and her mom were both baffled and shocked at the way the very last child support payment was delivered, they decided to turn a bad situation into something positive. Her mom got out a snow shovel to scoop up the pennies. Then she turned around and donated the entire child support payment to a charity that helps moms and children.

Watch the video below to learn more about this unusual child support payment and to hear why Sanford’s dad says he decided to pay in pennies.

How would you react if someone dumped 80,000 pennies on the road in front of your house? Do you think it was disrespectful for Sanford’s dad to pay child support in pennies? What do you think this dad could have done differently to repair the relationship with his daughter instead of pushing her further away?