How to Use $1 Cookies to Make a Beautiful No-Bake Birthday Cake

To go the store-bought cake route, or make one from scratch? It’s always the debate for any birthday party, isn’t it?

Buying a cake can be expensive, and making a cake all on your own? Well, that can take forever and no one has that kind of time. Even a boxed caked can take hours! If only there was a better way…

What if we told you that you can make store-bought cookies to make a beautiful birthday cake that doesn’t require an oven?

Thank s to Emma Fontanella, a professional pastry chef and recipe developer from Rome, you can! Fontanella specializes in creating delicious, yet simple recipe, and recently posted a video on her YouTube page Emma’s Goodies that went viral.

The video demonstrated how to use a package of $1 cookies into an aesthetically pleasing, mouthwatering birthday cake!

All you have to do is lay out your cookies next to each other to form the shape of a cake. Then layer them with frosting and voila: You’ve got yourself a birthday cake!

Sounds too easy, doesn’t it? How exactly do cookies become a cake? The secret is dipping them in milk before setting them up to frost. The milk help the cookies absorb the moisture from the frosting. You can use chocolate cookies, vanilla cookies, whatever flavor your heart desires!

The one caveat is you do have to use Fontanella’s recipe for frosting—a traditional buttercream won’t work quite as well. But you’re saving a ton of time using cookies as the cake, so it doesn’t even matter! Note that if you have absolutely zero time to whip up her frosting, she says that whipped cream and pudding may work just as well.

Once your cake is built and frosted, you’ll want to refrigerate it overnight. Decorate it as you please—sprinkles, a message, etc.—and you’ll be amazed at how professional it looks in the end. When you cut into that cake the next day and everyone takes a bite of their slices, no one is going to know it’s made from a sleeve of cookies!

Don’t believe us? Prepare to have your mind blow. Take a look at Fontanella’s video below where she demonstrates a step-by-step tutorial on how to make this easy, delicious cake.

How easy is that? Are you going to try out this easy cake recipe? What do you think the perfect occasion for this cake would be for?