As a kid, did you ever daydream about your bedroom being a place of make-believe? Did you grow up to bring some of those ideas to life in your own children’s rooms? How fun!

In this video from OWN, we meet a dad of four who designed three bedrooms for his kids, with each having a different theme. All of the ideas came from his own creative mind, and he impressively added personal touches to each space.

The first room is for one of his sons and features a train motif. Against an eggshell-colored wall sits a brick red headboard and hidden shelf system. If you didn’t notice, there’s a cool train track above the bed that runs along a bridge and between two tunnels.

Sleeping and waking up to a train each day may not sound like much fun, but it’s a running joke in this family. Each shelf is used as closet space for storing clothes and games. Dad also added a sweet touch by inserting handwritten notes on the shelf doors. They look like little post cards! It wouldn’t be surprising if this little boy ends up with a lifelong love of trains and travel.

Image of kid's bedroom with train.OWN
Baby girl Lily has a room that’s pretty in pastel pink – with black as an accent color! I love to hear this dad speak about how he put fabric panels on the walls to soften the room. But I think you’ll agree one of the highlights of this space is that high light. The chandelier is gorgeous!

Though he bought it as a regular fixture from a home improvement store, that pearly beaded detail you see is his handiwork. Too cute! With this color palette and chic lighting fixture, we could see this design staying around as baby Lily grows into her teen years.

For the oldest two kids who share a room, the famous wardrobe that leads to Narnia was the inspiration. At first glance, what catches your eye in the room is the bright red wardrobe in the center. As in the book, we know your curiosity will get the best of you and have you wondering how it looks inside.

Watch the clip to see what waits behind the wardrobe doors! Hint: you can walk inside. You can tell this papa had a lot of fun coming up with these ideas and making his vision come true – with his own hands. In his words:

“Things are just so fresh to them and so I wanted to create rooms and environments that keep that alive, keep that going.”

Parents: if you’re looking for ways to spruce up your kids’ rooms then maybe this dad can spark some inspiration for you to transform their spaces. Spread some creativity, playfulness, and a little bit of organization with your own DIY room redo. More than likely, doing a project like this will bring out the kid in you too!

Which of these rooms really caught your attention? Have you turned your child’s room into a whimsical paradise? What’s your favorite theme?