We’re living history right now. The COVID-19 pandemic will certainly be in our children’s history books and they’ll likely ask us questions about how we were able to quarantine in our homes and socially distance ourselves from others for as long as we did (we hope we have a good answer for them!).

Anyway, the thing is, some children may actually grow up knowing a bit more about the pandemic than others. Why is that? Well, we’re talking about the kids who were born during the health crisis—and who received names related to it.

That’s right, there have been several parents who reportedly have used coronavirus as inspiration for their kids’ names. While most parents use a past family name or even their favorite TV show to determine name ideas for their babies, these parents chose a global pandemic.

Don’t believe us? Here are 5 of the top offenders of real parents who really named their kids after a virus. (These may or may not trend over the next few months or years.)

  1. Covid and Corona

    One Indian couple who had twins wanted names that played well off each other, and what better way to do that than to choose culturally appropriate monikers? “The delivery happened after facing several difficulties, and therefore, me and my husband wanted to make the day memorable,” said the mother Pteeti Verma. “When the hospital staff also started calling the babies Corona and Covid, we finally decided to name them after the pandemic.”

  2. Lockdown

    Yet another Indian couple chose to play off of what their country had to endure during the pandemic. “In my view, prime minister Narendra Modi has taken the right step to impose lockdown in the entire nation to save us from the deadly virus,” said the father, who has remained nameless. “My boy will remind everyone to take precautions against Covid-19, to save themselves and the nation.”

  3. Sanitiser

    Something may be up in India. Another couple in the country couldn’t help but want to tie in coronavirus to their new baby’s name as well, but this time they went with a popular product that ran out in stores during this time (and no, we’re not talking about toilet paper, thank goodness). “We have named our baby ‘Sanitiser’ because it is being used by everyone at present to deter the spread of germs on our hands,” said the father, Omveer Singh.

  4. Coviduvidapdap

    The full name is Coviduvidapdap Santos Dela Cruz, according to a photo of a birth certificate. She was born in the Philippines on March 19, the fourth day of the country’s quarantine.

  5. Covid Rose

    According to a photo posted by Twitter user @ramyeonduo, a baby from Sultan Kudarat was named “Covid Rose,” after the virus. On the bright side, at least when she’s older, she may choose to swap her middle and first name?

What do you think of these coronavirus-themed names? Would you ever want to name your child after a global pandemic?