These Cool Gadgets Will Take Your Holiday Baking to the Next Level

It’s the holiday season, and that means that it’s time to get baking! From Christmas cookies to cakes and pies, this time of year, we tend to eat more carbs and sugar than we would recommend.

If you want to up your baking game this holiday season, you can easily do so with the right kitchen gadgets. You don’t need to learn any new fancy baking methods. You just need a few items you can order on Amazon.

When we saw a video by soyummy on Instagram that featured some time-saving baking tools that will make us look like pros, we just knew we had to go to Amazon and click “add to cart.”

The first item in the video is a gadget that makes it beyond easy to get perfectly smooth cake frosting. You’ll seriously look like a  pro.

The next gadget is a rolling stainless steel tool that effortlessly transforms dough into a beautiful lattice pattern. It will make your next pie looks flawless, but you can also use it for cookies, muffins and more.

The third gadget will save us so much time cleaning up the kitchen. If you have ever tried to fill a muffin or cupcake pan without making a mess, you probably know that this sounds easier than it really is. We usually end up with batter on the sides of the pan and on the counter. No more thanks to a clever gadget that will dispense batter right where we need it. When the cupcakes come out of the oven, we can use the same gadget to frost them.

The fourth gadget is an amazing tool that makes it quicker than you ever knew was possible to cut out cookies. We’re pretty sure this would work for biscuits too or anything else you want in a round shape.

The last gadget is a rolling pin that adds a beautiful pattern to your dough. You could use it to make your pie crust look extra fancy, or you could use it to add a pattern to your cookies before cutting them out with the gadget mentioned above.

Watch the video below to see these incredible tools in action. Trust us; you’re going to want to snag them all before your next baking session.


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We think these kitchen gadgets would make incredible Christmas presents, you know, for the baker who only thinks she has everything. She probably doesn’t have these tools!

Which one of these kitchen gadgets was your favorite? Do you do a lot of baking? Do you know someone who would love getting these gadgets for Christmas?