15 of the Best Italian Christmas Cookies You Can Make This Holiday Season

This holiday season is officially in full swing. While some celebrate by decorating the tree, going caroling, and wrapping gifts, others celebrate with a bit of a more tasty way: Baking cookies.

Ever since I can remember, my mom and I would always break out the baking ingredients around this time of year. There’s just something cozy about mixing up a good cookie batter when the snow’s coming down outside and the Christmas (or Hanukkah) lights are twinkling inside.

Some of the best cookies to bake during this time of year are surely Italian Christmas cookies. From biscotti to anise cookies, we’re already drooling at the thought of biting into one of these!

I know I’m not alone in this—so we rounded up the absolute best Italian Christmas cookies you can make this holiday season. Bring them to a party, use them in a cookie exchange or just eat the whole batch yourself (we don’t judge!).

Check then out below!

  1. Pizzelle Cookies

    Pizzelles are a super traditional Italian waffle cookie, typically made from whole, basic ingredients such as flour, eggs, sugar, butter or oil, and some kind of flavoring such as anise or vanilla. These add lemon, and are the perfect holiday treat!

  2. Butterballs

    As the name entails, these aren’t really a light cookie, but the Italian wouldn’t have it any other way. They’re super decadent, sweet, and insanely delicious. The secret ingredient in these? Rum!

  3. Italian Thumbprint Cookies

    Shortbread cookies with marmalade and jam and a white chocolate drizzle? Sign us up!

  4. Cranberry Almond Biscotti

    Cranberries, almonds and chocolate chips takes this biscotti recipe to a whole new level. Hint: Make extra of these. We can assure you, there will be absolutely none left after dinner!

  5. Pine Nut Cookies

    The pine nuts (also called pignoli) give this soft cookie the perfect crunch. With just 8 simple ingredients (most of which you probably already have on hand), you just can’t go wrong!

  6. Italian Sprinkle Cookies

    Buttery, sugary, lemon-y, we die for these delights. While traditionally they use colored sprinkles, feel free to switch it up with some red and green ones to be even more festive.

  7. Italian Fig Cookies

    Fig-filled and Italians-approved, these fig cookies are sensationally fruity and festive (that’s a lot of Fs!).

  8. Anise-Orange Cookies

    A perfect light dessert after a heavy Italian Christmas dinner, these Anise-Orange Cookies are so festive and delicious. Plus, the subtle orange flavor is the perfect complement to your coffee.

  9. Amaretti

    A classic Italian macaroon, they’re crispy on the outside and chewy in the inside—and delicious all around!

  10. Hermit Slices

    Molasses, raisins, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg packs this treat with a flavorful punch. While these can be a little time consuming, trust us: It’s worth it!

  11. Ricotta Cookies

    Yes, this cookie has ricotta cheese in it. And yes, they taste amazing. (The cheese actually gives it a nice thick texture, and the lemon frosting completes these babies!)

  12. Italian Wedding Cookies

    Sure, there’s “wedding” in the name, but these are still perfect for the holidays. Also called the ‘Mexican wedding cookie,’ Russian tea cakes,’ or ‘butterballs,’ no matter how you say it, the taste is still unreal.

  13. Tiramisu Cookies

    We can’t forget about tiramisu, one of the most traditional Italian desserts. Martha Stewart turned it into a cookie and the results are brilliantly delicious!

  14. Chocolate Toto Cookies

    If you’re getting a little sugared-out, try a more spicy treat! These balls are made with walnuts, chocolate chips, and orange flavoring, giving it a truly unique flavor.

  15. Lemon-Glazed Cookies

    Here’s one of the lemon fans! This lemon-y lazed goodness, garnished with festive sprinkles will be a party in your mouth.

Holy yum! Which Christmas Italian cookie is your favorite? Which recipe will you make first?