Cute Older Brother Comforts His Crying Baby Sister

One of the most daunting aspects of raising a newborn baby is the constant and unstoppable crying. As adorable as your new bundle of joy is, they also make you want to bury your head deep in your pillow and pretend like you can’t hear anything. Sad, but true. And this sweet baby girl is no different than the rest.

Laying flat on her back, dressed in her adorable onesie, this baby is starting to get upset. Whether she needs to be fed, changed, or put down for a nap is beyond us, and we’re sure it’s just as boggling to her exhausted parents.

But this family has one thing that not everyone is lucky enough to have: a doting and sweet older brother.

Just as the little girl starts to cry, another cute kid climbs onto the bed. It’s her older brother, who can’t be more than two-years-old. He’s just as adorable as his younger sister!

As he approaches his sister, there’s a big smile on his face, as if he knows exactly what to do. He crawls around her until he’s laying down by her side, still with the biggest grin plastered on.

His sister is already so glad to see him! Just from the time he came into her line of sight, she’s already calmed her crying. By the time he lays down next to her, she’s stopped all together. In fact, now SHE’S grinning, too, and reaching her arms out to greet her sibling.

This is beyond cute. These two are obviously very close, to the point that, even at a very young age, they recognize and are comforted by each other.

But the cuteness has only just begun. You’ll notice there’s still about a minute of the video left at this point, and it’s all filled up by pretty much the the sweetest thing we’ve seen all day.

The little boy proceeds to wrap his arms around his fussy sister and say something over and over, like a mantra. At first, it’s tough to hear what he’s saying, but after about thirty seconds of adorable chanting, you realize that he’s saying, “cutie babies.” On repeat.

Somehow, this secret phrase completely calms the baby, stopping any crying or whining that was still persisting. She looks so entranced by her brother and so happy to see him.

But nothing beats the look on his face. This brother is incredibly taken by his sister; he strokes her face and hair gently and looks at her with THE sweetest look we have ever seen. He’s looking at her like she’s made of gold.

Clearly, this happens pretty frequently, because mom or dad behind the camera was wise enough to know this was a moment that needed to be videotaped. How right they were! We’re so glad we got to witness this adorable display of affection.

We can only hope that these siblings stay this close as they grow up! Brothers and sisters tend to grow apart as they get older, but we hope the special bond these two obviously share stays strong.

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