Parents Turn Their Garage into ‘Club Quarantine’ to Celebrate Son’s 21st Birthday During Coronavirus Outbreak

As the COVID-19 outbreak in the United States continues to worsen, social distancing mandates continue to become stricter. As a result, businesses are laying off or furloughing employees left and right and children are home from closed schools. It also means many celebrations of all kinds are having to get canceled.

From weddings to baby showers and everything in between, social gatherings are a huge no-no during a pandemic in order to avoid or slow the spread of the virus. And while some of these things can be rescheduled, there’s one that can’t be: When you were born.

Unfortunately for all people with March and April birthdays, they can’t really do many exciting things and have to celebrate in the comfort of their own home.

Well, unless they get a little creative.

One mom and dad couldn’t bear to watch their 21-year-old, Jack, turn legal age and have to celebrate at home. So they took him to a bar. Don’t worry—it was a pandemic-friendly one!

The parents transformed their entire basement into a club—coined “Club Quarantine”—just so that their son could experience getting to do what any 21-year-old wants to do on their 21st birthday: go partying!

Jack’s sister posted the adorable action on TikTok: “My brother turned 21 last night, and my parents felt bad that he couldn’t go to a bar/club, so my mom made our garage ‘Club Quarantine,’” she captioned the video.

In the clip, Jack walks around to the back of the house (er, club), where his dad, the bouncer, cards him. He’s dressed just like a normal bar bouncer would be, shining a flashlight on his son’s ID to make sure it’s real. It was, of course!

Once he was let inside, the “bartender,” aka his mother, greets him behind the “bar.” When asked what he was celebrating, the son told her that it was his 21st birthday, and mom insisted that he get to take a free shot with her and the bouncer.

It just goes to show that the coronavirus outbreak can only kill so many people’s spirits or events—there are ways to still celebrate. You just have to get a little creative.

Check out the adorable scene below of this set of parents making their son’s birthday a day he’ll always remember (or, depending on how many shots he got to take, forget!):

How sweet is this gesture? What creative ways have you been finding to celebrate events while still maintaining the rules of social distancing?