It’s officially wedding season, people! There’s nothing like attending a celebration to watch one of your friends or family members commit their lives to one another. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that you get to eat all the food, drink all the drinks, and dance the night away. It’s truly a fun night for all!

Well, of course, maybe not all. Little kids don’t quite understand the joys of downing a class of cabernet during the cha cha slide, do they? If you’ve ever brought your child (or just seen one) at a wedding, you know that they’d much rather be watching Peppa Pig than be dressed in their best at a wedding ceremony. In other words, they might do some things that attract some attention.

Here are some of the funniest pictures of kids who are totally not feeling the wedding they’re at. Try not to laugh as you scroll through these hilarious photos!

  1. The bored ring bearer

    Let’s face it, ceremonies can sometimes be super snooze-worthy. This little tyke was not afraid to show it and laid down for a moment to rest his little legs. Plus, let’s note how busy the flower girl is on her iPad!

  2. The flashy flower girl

    This lady’s Micky Mouse big-girl undies are obviously much cooler than whatever the bride and groom are saying behind her (“I do” perhaps? Snore!).

  3. The kid who had the longest day

    Weddings can sometimes be all-day affairs, and this little one was totally feeling it. Barely able to keep his eyes open, he packed up all his travel toys and is ready for a long night’s sleep after such a big day.

  4. The girl who’s never doing this again

    If you think this flower girl is going to ever put on a white ball gown again, especially for her own wedding, you have another thing coming.

  5. The boy who’s so over kissing

    Seriously, if he has to watch these two kiss one more time, he’s going to throw up all over his little tux. (Those little ladies though? Totally digging it.)

  6. The one who just wanted to make sure

    Just inspecting his mom’s wedding day bra, no big deal. Yes, holds up well. Carry on, nothing to see here. Go get married.

  7. The awe-struck rascal

    Oh, so that’s what’s under here! That’s how they make the dress so poofy!

  8. The one who came for the food

    And when the food is pizza, you know you’re in for a good time.

  9. This attention seeker

    You may now kiss the bride…and watch the flower girl make funny faces.

  10. This comfy guest

    What better place to sit during the bride and groom’s first dance as husband and wife than on the train of the dress? It’s just like a fluffy blanket, plus it feels like going for a ride!

  11. This little one who needed a quick pick

    Maybe no one will noti—oh right, we’re surrounded by photographers today. Oops.

  12. This class act

    If anyone is bored during the ceremony, don’t worry: the ring bearer is a pro at providing some facial entertainment.

  13. The one who just needed a drink

    This little lady is feeling like she’ll never find love and is just trying to drown her sorrows. (Don’t worry, it was nonalcoholic!)

  14. The casual planker

    Once her flower girl duties were done, she was just so wiped!

  15. The one who can’t stand PDA

    Blech, this kissing stuff is so gross!

How hilarious are some of these photos of kids at weddings? For even more laughs, check out the video below with more!

Have you ever brought your kid to a wedding? Did they make a big stink like some of these children above?