Hate folding laundry? You are not alone. Laundry in general is a dreaded chore, but folding is arguably the worst part. Not only is it a tedious task (especially if you have a big family with a LOT of laundry) but if your technique is poor, you’re just going to have a big pile of wrinkled clothes on your hands. And nobody wants that. This team of engineering professionals feel your pain, so they created a mind-boggling invention that you’re going to love. Introducing: the FoldiMate, a machine that literally folds your laundry for you.

In 2012, a team of brilliant minds – including specialists in robotics, programming, and product development – came together to solve a worldwide hassle: folding laundry. The FoldiMate team thought that if they could create a robot that folded clothes on its own, families would spend less time on chores and have more time for each other.

So how does the FoldiMate work?

The FolidMate is a machine that can be setup right next to your washer and dryer. On the outside, it appears to be a normal drying rack, complete with clips which you can use to hang clothing from.

Once you’ve clipped your clothes onto the FolidMate, the machine will take each piece of clothing inside a mechanical chamber, where robotic arms will fold the clothing independently. You have to see the perfect fold this robot can do! All of your clothes will look like they came fresh from the store after every wash.

How the FoldiMate folds clothing robotically.FoldiMate, Inc.
After folding, the clothes are treated by the FoldiMate in two stages. First, clothes are gently steamed to avoid wrinkling. Second, clothes are misted with a perfume to help soften and sanitize your clothing. No more musty smelling clothes for you!

When the laundry has been folded and treated, it drops gently into a tray below. Once the tray is filled with clothing, the FoldiMate let’s you know that it’s time to take the completed load away and start a new one, if necessary.

Is your mind blown yet?

After years of designing, fundraising, and prototyping, founder Gal Rozov lead his team to win second place at the Startup World Competition (a global competition ranking international startup companies) and has participated in coveted startup accelerator programs, such as the Plug and Play Accelerator.

With these accolades and positive reviews from media outlets like the Wall Street Journal, the Daily Mail Online, and the Telegraph, FoldiMate has received plentiful funding with which they can now launch their brilliant invention.

The release date for pre-orders is set to start in 2017, but as of now you can register for the product emails; these will alert interested consumers when  orders are ready to be taken. The price range for the FoldiMate is estimated to be between $700-$800, which for many is a small investment for years of perfectly treated and folded laundry.

What do you think of this incredible invention? Would you save money to buy one of these folding robots for yourself or would you pass on the contraption? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.