We love bread, and we love recipes that call for bread. There’s nothing like french toast for breakfast, a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch or a crusty loaf of bread with dinner and bread pudding for dessert.

We know bread may not be the healthiest thing to eat, but it sure is versatile and delicious. Even if you’re gluten free or on a low-carb diet, you may want to buy a loaf of bread from time to time. Why? Remember that versatility we mentioned? Yeah. It’s way more than just versatile in the kitchen.

Grandma knows that bread makes an amazingly useful cleaning product. If she never told you, just ask her. She can probably tell you exactly how to use it.

Don’t laugh. We’re serious. It may sound weird at first, but when other foods like lemon and vinegar are amazing natural cleaning products, why not bread?

What bread really excels at is removing smudges, dirt and stains. Basically, if you’d like a natural alternative to a Magic Eraser, buy a loaf of white or rye bread, grab a slice, remove the crusts, and roll the bread into a ball. Instead of rubbing at stains and smudges, just dab them with the bread. You might be surprised when you see how well this actually works.

Speaking of erasers, did you know that bread crumbs actually used to be used to remove pencil marks? While many people are swearing off gluten, it’s actually the gluten in the bread that does the cleaning magic, so don’t try using a gluten-free loaf.

Besides removing stains, you can use this “wonder” bread for other cleaning tasks like cleaning a coffee filter, soaking up spills and even picking up broken pieces of glass. We promise. It’s not too good to be true. What’s even better is that the bread doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, and it won’t scratch any of your surfaces.

So, the next time you have a loaf of white bread that’s reaching it’s expiration date, use up the last few slices for some cleaning tasks on your to-do list, or buy a loaf just for spring cleaning.

If you like the idea of using food to clean your house, be sure to pick up a lemon the next time you’re at the grocery store too. You can use it for everything from a bleach substitute in your washer to a quick way to clean your cutting board.

Are you going to start using bread to clean your home? What’s your favorite cleaning hack that involves food?