5-Year-Old Melts Our Hearts by Singing a Song That’s “a Little Sad”

Buried in the loads of content on YouTube are kiddie singers who are doing their thing right in their own living rooms. Many get discovered and earn spots on singing competitions or TV shows, and they’re the cutest thing to watch.

When they happen to be both cute and talented, the audience stays glued to their seats. How can you not when you hear a little girl like Claire Crosby? The five-year-old phenom started charming the web with her song covers at age three, and she hasn’t slowed down since.

Sometimes, you’ll see Claire singing her favorite Disney tunes. Other times, you’ll catch a video of her harmonizing along with her crooner dad, Dave, who was a contestant on last fall’s season of The Voice. In this video, we get to see her do “Tomorrow” from Annie while her dad strums the guitar melody.

But first, Claire shares that this is a song she sings when she’s feeling blue. Perhaps her darling version will chase your clouds away. Listen as she starts the song off softly and then builds it up. You can see all the emotion in her face with every single lyric.

Can your heart take it? Those facial expressions and perfectly hit notes are too much, and we see why this little starlet has a huge following.

This dad and daughter duo post their other collaborations weekly on their YouTube channel, Claire and the Crosbys. They first gained attention a year ago when their rendition of “You’ve Got a Friend in Me” went viral and racked up over 100 million views.

That performance earned them their first trip to the Ellen show and a few more guest appearances since then. Claire and her musical papa have treated audiences to a string of Disney hits, including songs from movies like Tangled, Mulan, and The Little Mermaid. If you’re wondering if they’re all as adorable as this video, yes they are.

Some of the videos are simple moments on the sofa, while others include costumes and gorgeous set designs. In either case, Claire’s cute but powerful voice is the showstopper. It’s amazing that she’s basically built up a career and she’s still a toddler. At 5, she’s already a pro!

Fans around the world get to keep up with the gifted tot through her channel and TV appearances. Most recently, Claire’s been a guest interviewer on The Voice, chopping it up with all four celebrity judges and asking the hard questions.

It looks like her own voice is going to take her very far if she chooses to work in show business. For now, people can listen to her heartfelt performances and know she means every word she sings.

Watch the sweet clip below to hear little Claire for yourself. And if you’re feeling sad, remember the sun will come will come out tomorrow. Take it from Claire!

What are your thoughts on this cute performance? Are you familiar with Claire and her family? What other songs of hers do you like?