All seasons have something magical about them—for example, the leaves in fall or the flowers in spring. But nothing is more magical than summer. And with our favorite season finally here, we’re finding ourselves thinking about all of the things we can’t wait to do in the warmer weather: Hit the beach, dive into a pool, go strawberry picking, grill some veggies, the list goes on and on.

But there’s one thing I love more than anything in the summer—and that’s having a bonfire and roasting a delicious hot s’more.

There’s truly nothing like a good old-fashioned s’more, is there? The crunch of the graham cracker crust, the warm, gooey texture of the toasted marshmallow, and the melty chocolate—all stuffed together into a sticky, lip-smacking mess. Besides the fact that they taste amazing (literally making you wanting s’more), these treats also make me nostalgic for summers spent around a campfire. It just makes me happy on ten types of levels!

S’mores really are a near-perfect summer treat. But there’s just one little flaw in these snacks: there’s never a good balance of chocolate to marshmallow ratio. Seriously! Even if you try to smush more chocolate squares inside between, you still end up getting a huge chunk of marshmallow or a huge chunk of chocolate, am I right?

It’s surely not the worst problem in the world to have, but one that enough people have experienced for one company to create a solution. It’s a total s’mores game changer that just made s’mores even better than before (which is hard to do, we know!).

The invention is called Stuffed Puffs, which are, appropriately, marshmallows filled with chocolate. Drooling yet?

Stuffed Puffs will 100% guarantee that you get the perfect amount of marshmallow and the perfect amount of chocolate with each s’more. Not only that, the chocolate melts along with the marshmallow as you roast it, so it kills two birds with one stone.

“Stuffed Puffs has chocolate inside, so it melts while the marshmallow is roasting,” the description reads. “You get a perfect S’more, every time. The manufacturing process is proprietary. The result is eminently shareable, America’s favorite sweet treat. Stuffed Puffs is the textbook definition of making a good thing better.”

Besides being great for making the ultimate s’more, you can also eat them just straight out of the bag or melt them in the microwave for a delicious drizzly ice cream topping.

You can find Stuffed Puffs marshmallows at most Walmart stores either in person or online, for just $4 a bag. If it’s sold out there, Amazon is selling them for $20 a bag. Hey, totally worth it for the convenience!

What are you waiting for? Pick up a few bags for your next camping adventure!

Are you a s’mores fan? What do you think of this new take on the marshmallow? Do you think you’ll try out Stuffed Puffs this summer? We’d love to hear what you think of them if you choose to try them!