For most people, when work is over, you probably leave work, right? Sure, sometimes there are projects you need to stay late for, but more often than not, if you work in a typical office setting, work ends when it ends and personal life begins.

In a recent Quora post, one CEO was pretty upset about two of his employees who, ell, ended work when work ended. Noting that they were good employees, it was simply the fact that they left at the end of the work day that really ticked him off.

The post reads:

“I have two employees that usually leave work at 6 pm. They are good, but I don’t like that their commitment lasts for work hours only. What should I do as a CEO?”

The post did not go over too well with readers. Many people couldn’t believe that a CEO would be upset over something so ridiculous, so old school…so absolutely insane!

“You should copy and paste this complaint into a table in Microsoft Word 2007, print it double-sided in landscape mode, fold it in half eight times, soak it in olive oil, and shove it up you’re a**,” someone retorted.

Most people had similar responses, with many saying that whenever they’ve put in extra effort in the past, it’s never really benefited them.

“Working hard gets you nothing but more hard work,” someone replied. “Me and my wife work at the same place and another woman who works there wasn’t performing her job to spec so they decided instead of talking with her they made my wife start sharing her work load with no extra pay or anything.”

Even former CEOs chimed in with how this can’t be expected of employees. “Every time I was a CEO, I realized most employees only care about their paycheck. If they are ‘off the clock’ they are not mine to command,” someone wrote. “I can’t keep them there without paying overtime pay, especially if they have a family waiting for them at home. Also, employees who are working instead of sleeping are less productive.”

With most people are still working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to balance work and home life as much as you can—and that means making ample time for work and ample time for personal life. Once the computer is shut, keep it shut—and don’t listen to this CEO!

What do you think about this CEO’s comment? Do you work past your job’s hours, or sign off when the day is done?