Who doesn’t love a good home renovation transformation? It’s why most Americans’ idea of relaxation is settling in for the night for some HGTV time in front of the television, and we don’t blame them– there’s something so magical about getting an insider’s view of the home makeover process.

That said, sometimes those price tags can be more than a little eye-popping– $40,000 for a full kitchen overhaul? No thank you! Luckily, if you have a couple of bucks, some spare time, and a willingness to get your hands dirty, then you can actually make some pretty impressive changes to your home entirely on your own.

Here are 11 DIY projects that are so cheap and simple, you’ll wonder why you didn’t try them years ago! For full tutorials, be sure to follow the links below.

  1. Paint your bathroom floor

    Not all bathrooms come equipped with beautiful tile work. If yours falls into the “ugly” category, stencil on your favorite designs with chalk paint before topping the job off with a water-based sealer. Gorgeous!

  2. Give your windows a lacey treatment

    Harness in natural light while blocking an ugly view with this super feminine DIY lace window treatment. The best part? The lace only takes minutes to apply and can be easily removed with just a few sprays of warm water!

  3. Create a sofa table

    Say goodbye to your bulky, space-sucking coffee table with this brilliant, behind-the-couch option. Its 6-inch width is slender enough to go relatively unnoticed in even the smallest of rooms but big enough to hold your drinks, candles, potted plants, and other living room accouterments.

  4. Craft a funky crate table

    If sofa tables aren’t really your thing or you have room to spare in your living quarters, save a couple hundred bucks by crafting your very own coffee table. This versatile pallet-inspired option is a perfect project for a DIY beginner and, best of all, it will only set you back about $60 for materials.

  5. Swap out your blinds for curtains

    Clunky vertical blinds may do their job in terms of keeping out light, but they do absolutely nothing for sprucing up the overall look of your room. Instead, swap them out for elegant curtains— the project takes only minutes and it’s great for renters because it doesn’t damage the retractable blinds base. Smart!

  6. Whiten your grout

    Darkened, ugly grout can make even the most expensive tiles look cheap. To fix the problem, simply clean the grout with your favorite bleach, then rub a fine layer of candle wax directly onto the grout. This will do two things: 1) whiten dingy grout and 2) waterproof it for long-lasting protection against dirt and grime.

  7. Stick on a temporary backsplash

    Liven up your kitchen with this ultra-simple backsplash project. You can buy the colorful stick-on options at any home improvement store–great for both renters as well as homeowners who are interested in trying out a new look.

  8. Frame your front door with crown moulding

    Don’t love the look of your front door? If so, add some dimension to the entryway with a border of crown moulding. The folks over at Me and Jilly only spent 13 bucks on the material! Just add some painter’s tape to your hardware after you install the border and before you slather on some color, and you’ll be good to go!

  9. Mask your ugly wire shelving

    Sure, your guests may not look inside your pantry all that often, but when they do, we think they should be met with a stunning sight—i.e. NOT wire shelving. Luckily, it only takes a trip to the dollar store for gorgeous, colorful, and easy-to-organize shelves. Sweet!

  10. Adorn your walls with floating shelves

    Chunky, clunky furniture is so passé, so, trade in those heavy wardrobes and storage units for some strategically-placed floating shelves. They’re easy to install, completely customizable, and, most importantly, will display your valuables beautifully.

  11. Add some fire to your backyard space

    If you already love the look of your home (lucky you!), set your sights on your outdoor spaces with a DIY fire pit. This simple project will take your backyard shindigs to a whole new level!

We told you home renovation doesn’t have to be a pricey or difficult endeavor! What are your thoughts on these DIYs? Have you completed any of these projects yourself? Do you have any others that you would like to share?