CDC Director Speaks Out About Changing Guidelines for Reopening Schools

It’s the middle of summer, and in a normal year, many parents would probably be starting to count the days until their kids go back to school. Don’t get us wrong; we love our kids, but they can be a handful, and honestly, they miss seeing their friends at school everyday. You can only have so many playdates.

This year, parents, students and teachers are all wondering IF kids will go back to school in the fall or if students will be learning remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone wants their kids to go back to school but only when they feel it is safe.

When the CDC released guidelines for the safe reopening of schools, many people thought it would be impossible for any school district to actually implement those guidelines. Asking students to wear face coverings all day and stay 6 feet apart from their friends didn’t seem possible. Then there’s the question of how to reduce class sizes to meet the guidelines.

President Donald Trump doesn’t want the CDC guidelines to prevent schools from reopening. Now, the CDC is modifying the guidelines. Watch the video below for more details.


Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the CDC, spoke in an interview with George Stephanopoulos on Good Morning America about why the CDC is modifying the guidelines. Stephanopoulos tried numerous times to get him to directly answer the question about which particular guidelines are too difficult for schools to implement, but he did not get a straight answer. Instead, Redfield reminded us all that the “guidelines” are just that, guidelines and not requirements. Redfield said, “It would personally sadden me” if schools used the CDC guidelines “as an excuse to keep schools closed. The public health interest today is to get these schools reopened.”

Watch the full interview below.

Do you think schools should reopen in the fall? Do you think the CDC should modify the guidelines for reopening schools? Are you going to send your kids back to school in the fall if they do reopen, or would you choose to have them continue to learn remotely?