When the coronavirus pandemic started, many Americans suddenly found themselves quarantining at home with their families. This sometimes meant that couples who both worked long hours or traveled a lot for work where suddenly together 24/7. It also meant that some children who had recently moved out or who were usually very busy with school and their social life suddenly found themselves back at home with their parents.

Not every relationship survived quarantine. While some families and couples used the extra time together to make memories and grow closer, other couples discovered that their relationship was not going to survive.

Celebrity couples were definitely not immune to quarantine. Almost every production shut down or switched to an at-home version. Entertainment professionals found their schedules unusually wide open.

Candace Cameron Bure can definitely relate to life changing due to quarantine. She usually travels a lot for work, and so does her husband, Valeri Bure. With quarantine, they both found themselves at home with extra time on their hands and a lot more time than usual together.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, Cameron Bure said that she and her husband realized, “This might be the most amount of time we’ve actually spent together in years. This is either going to make us or break us.’”

When asked if the extra time with her husband tested their relationship, the actress responded, “It totally tested us but in the best of ways.” She went on to explain that the extra time helped them put everything in perspective. For starters, she realized that she wasn’t balancing work and family life very well and that she was spending too much time away from her family. She shared, “So, I’m thankful that it happened in that way because it’s made our relationship stronger.”

Watch the video below to see the interview for yourself and to learn how the couple spends date night at home.

Besides spending extra time with her husband, quarantine also allowed Cameron Bure to spend extra time with her children, Natasha, Lev, and Maksim, who all moved back home to quarantine with their parents.

Once film production started up again, Bure was once again away from her family for two months while she filmed in Canada. When she returned, she was able to celebrate with her family as her son Lev got engaged. It certainly seems that Bure’s marriage and family survived quarantine well and even ended up stronger than ever.