What’s better than a traditional rose bouquet? One you can eat! You don’t need to have professional cake decorating skills to “grow” them, either. All you need are a few simple ingredients and the Cake Style tutorial below to make these deliciously beautiful rose cake pops.

First, you’ll need some cake scraps; these can be any kind of cake your sweetheart prefers and they don’t have to be fresh either. While they shouldn’t be stale, these leftovers can be a few days old — in fact, the pops might even keep together better if they are.

In a bowl, combine your cake scraps with some ganache. Again, this can be whatever flavor you have/prefer; chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, ect. Personally, we love the vanilla on vanilla to compliment the pretty pink frosting — which is the next step!

Dye some vanilla frosting any color you’d like. Reds and pinks are of course what come to mind for roses, but leaving the frosting white or making the “flowers” a funkier color are always an option. If you do opt for pink or white, we mentioned we like to keep the cake and ganache vanilla. This choice really makes these more delicate colors pop, whereas a chocolate might look great for red roses.

Next is making the pops look like roses, which comes from a little fancy piping. Make sure to check out the Cake Style video below to see how they nail this piping technique. Don’t get intimidated, it’s much easier to pull off than you might imagine.

It’s never been so easy to woo your Valentine with sweet treats, and this homemade baked good is so much more thoughtful and creative than a humdrum box of chocolates! What do you think of this edible bouquet? Share your thoughts on this sweet treat in the comments section below.