If you’re a Joanna Gaines fan, the co-star of the hit TV series Fixer Upper, then you probably swear by everything she does. Paint colors. Farmhouse décor for the living room. And of course, our favorite, shiplap-ing everything we can get our hands on.

And now? We’re looking to her for clothing advice. More specifically: Sneaker advice. ‘Cause girlfriend knows what’s up.

Joanna’s comfy sneaks

It all started when Joanna decided to begin a new fitness journey for her 2016 New Year’s resolution. It might be cliché, but hear her out: Before she got married, started her business, and had children, she’s mentioned how she used to work out quite a bit when she was in her twenties.

But somewhere along the way, her good exercise routine fell by the wayside when everything else took precedence.

She’s a super busy woman, we get it. Joanna has a ton going on—more than the average person. If she’s not shooting a new episode for her show (plus her new spinoff her and husband Chip have been working on), she’s probably running her newly established Southern-style restaurant Magnolia Table or just fulfilling all her mom-ly duties to her four (almost five) children, it’s no wonder she can’t find the time to exercise.

It’s also no wonder she decided to commit to a new pair of sneakers for the occasion. I mean, she had to have at least been comfy for a 21-day commitment to get through it all. Why 21 days? That’s the amount of time they say it takes to adopt a new habit.

“My heart, mind and body need to be strong for the tasks set before me. What I do now will have an effect later. I have had to take baby steps on getting back on track,” she posted on Instagram.

When she dedicated herself to her fitness journey, shoes were a big priority for her. But not just any sneaker—one that would get her through 21 days of consistent working out, without causing any blisters, bumps, or pain.

Joanna documented each workout on her Instagram, which is a great way to hold yourself accountable. Along the way, fans noticed that she wrote the same black sneakers each time. And questions were asked. The people demanded to know what those awesome sneakers were and where they could get their own pair.

And now, finally, our wishes have been granted and answers have been given:

According to People, the sneakers are most likely the Nike Free TR 7 Selfie Training Shoe in the color black. They go for about $100 on the Nike website. Joanna loved them so much she wore them every day of the challenge.

Oh, and if you’re wondering? Joanna felt great after working out for her 21-day challenge—and we think the shoes had something to do with it.

“After 21 days I really do feel stronger and less stressed. I wake up feeling better than the day before. If you are on the same journey keep on moving. Put your shoes on and walk, run, lift weights, or dance like a crazy person,” she posted on Instagram.

Tell us: Have you ever challenged yourself to working out consistently? Do you have a favorite pair of shoes that you just have to wear for each workout?