When we leave the house, we always make sure we lock our doors, and if you have a security system, we’re sure you make sure that’s working too. The last thing we want is for someone to be able to break into our home.

Yet, we know that any home is not invincible. Windows can be broken. Locks on doors can be jimmied. Security systems can be fooled or even ignored.

Have you ever come home to find that your home was broken into? Thankfully, we haven’t, but one woman in Oregon thought she had.

She found that the bathroom door was locked, and she heard noise inside. She also saw shadows moving under the door. She couldn’t think of any other explanation than a burglar hiding in the bathroom waiting for the right moment to make his move.

She did what any worried homeowner would do; she called 9-1-1. The police responded with guns ready, and they even called for K9 backup. With a K9 ready and at the scene, multiple police officers with many years of experience, we’re talking 10 and 20 years, stood outside the locked bathroom door giving the intruder every opportunity to open the door before they busted their way inside.

The intruder did not comply with their requests, so they had no choice but to break their way in. What they found was a first for everyone on the police force. It was not a burglar but a Roomba Robotic vacuum cleaner that had somehow gotten trapped inside the bathroom. We still don’t know how it managed to lock the door.

The story even got news coverage. Watch the video below.


While this is a silly turn of events, and we’re sure a huge relief for everyone involved, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office is laughing at themselves by posting all about the Roomba burglar on their Facebook page.

Deputy Rogers writes on Facebook, “As we entered the home we could hear ‘rustling’ in the bathroom. We made several announcements and the ‘rustling’ became more frequent. We breached the bathroom door and encountered a very thorough vacuuming job being done by a Roomba Robotic Vacuum cleaner.”

You owe it to yourself to watch the video footage as they try to get the burglar to open the door only to discover it’s a Roomba.

Do you own a Roomba? Have you ever mistaken it for a person? Has it ever gotten trapped in a room like a bathroom?