Bride Goes on Rant About Not Receiving a Lot of Wedding Gifts While Writing ‘Thank You’ Cards

Just like it is customary to bring a present when you attend a baby shower or a birthday party, it is also customary to bring a gift when you attend a wedding. That’s why wedding registries exist – to help wedding guests know what the bride and groom like and need.

After her wedding, one bride sat down to write thank you notes for the wedding presents she received, but instead of feeling thankful for the 30 gifts she got from her guests, she ended up feeling frustrated that she only got 30 gifts. In order to get out her feelings, she decided to vent in a Facebook post which was later shared on Reddit.

“This is crazy to me — I’m writing out thank you cards, I’m writing a total of 30 cards we had over 100 guest. People apparently don’t do wedding gifts.”

Later, she edited the post to clarify that “this is just a rant.” She also added some context about why she is frustrated about the number of people who didn’t bring gifts.

“I don’t care about gifts we already have everything we need. It’s just annoying that most of the people that came and didn’t bring gifts are people who have had events and we got them gifts. Weddings are expensive. We spent $1000 just on beer and our guest took it upon themself to take the leftovers at the end of the night, without asking us.”

Reddit users had mixed reactions to this post. Some people thought this bride was acting like a complete bridezilla by not being grateful for the gifts she received.

One Reddit user reacted by writing, “Boo hoo. Elope for your next wedding! This is the beginning of you showing your true self to him, so trust he will want a divorce!”

Another Reddit user had a similar reaction. “This lady is obviously toxic and not that many people really care or respect her. 70% no gifts mean the problem is you.”

Other Reddit users pointed out that there might have been very good reasons for the low number of gifts compared to the number of guests such as guests pooling money for gifts.

One Reddit user explained, “I get it can be depressing, but each individual person doesn’t necessarily bring a gift. Say she had 100 guests even. For the most part they would be couples, not to mention families of 3 or 4 +, often friend groups get together and do a group gift whether it be a lump sum of money or an expensive registry request. So 30 to 40 thank you notes seems reasonable. Also, assuming it was a recent wedding, don’t expect too much during a pandemic.”

Yet other Reddit users were completely on the bride’s side saying they would’ve been upset too and that the guests should’ve brought gifts especially since the bride brought gifts when she attended their events.

One comment reads, “I mean, I get where she’s coming from. It’s customary to bring a gift to a wedding. And for the guests to take food/beer/whatever home without asking… This person has some trashy people in their life.”

Another Reddit user wrote, “It’s pretty shitty to go to an open bar wedding of someone who gave you a gift at your own wedding and give nothing. And then take home leftovers. She needs better friends.”

Do you think the bride was acting like a bridezilla? How would you feel if most of your wedding guests decided not to bring a gift?