How to Break Up Your Chocolate Without it Hurting

Chocolate: it tastes good, smells good, and can be healthy, too. If you love it so much you almost want to marry it, then it’s probably safe to say there’s some in your snack cupboard, desk drawer, and night stand. Why? Because chocolate goes with everything!

As a nibbler, you’re breaking off bits at a time, rather than devouring an entire bar at once. As a baker, you might channel your inner wrestler to bend bars into even pieces. Those bars don’t always crack on the perfect lines they were manufactured with, and can “accidentally” give you more than you want.

Before busting out the hammer (or teeth for a gentler approach) to split those little square portions up, try a few other tricks. The video below from DaveHax called Break Up Chocolate isn’t about soothing yourself with chocolate after getting dumped, but how to make clean breaks in your candy bar. Note that this method works best for bars that come with perforations.

Breaking Up Chocolate


  • Chocolate bar in its wrapping
  • Rolling pin
  • Countertop or table


  1. Lay It

    Lay the rolling pin on the counter or table.

  2. Prep It

    Place the unwrapped bar on top of the rolling pin, face up.

  3. Press & Roll It

    Pressing down firmly, roll the chocolate bar across the surface of the pin. It should break into even strips.

  4. Turn It

    Turn the bar around 90 degrees and repeat. Open the chocolate and you should have smaller, individual pieces.

  5. Edge It

    As an alternative, you can use the edge of a table or counter in place of a rolling pin.

  6. Set It

    Set the bar on the surface, with only the first row hanging over the edge.

  7. Run It

    With the bar facing up, run the chocolate along the edge of the counter/table, breaking each row along the creases. You should be able to see if it’s cracking under your pressure.

  8. Rotate It

    Rotate the bar and repeat the breaking up, careful not to hurt the chocolate’s feelings as you separate each piece row by row.

  9. Enjoy It

    Unwrap and enjoy!

Breaking up your chocolate doesn’t have to be hard to do. Build towers, bake brownies, or mend your broken heart with small bricks of chocolate. Serve them up as a snack between friends or ration them out to your little ones as sweet treats. Mix the bits with some milk and make a nice frothy mug of hot cocoa! The smaller the pieces are, the faster they melt.

Some people do reach for a sharp knife to get the job done but that can become quite messy. It is wise to note that the knife method is quite effective and probably better for large bars of chocolate without divisions. Just watch your fingers!

Keep in mind that if you prefer to eat your chocolate bar without breaking it up, that’s your business. Go for it! What are your tricks for turning chocolate into neat little bricks? Are you craving some right now? Tell us in the comments!