People who have battled cancer are some of the bravest I’ve known. The emotional impact of a diagnosis affects the inside as well as the outside, but many people decide on their own terms how they let the disease impact them.

Jamie Steinborn was diagnosed with cervical cancer in January 2016. The mother of four didn’t let that stop the show, and found the love of her life soon after being diagnosed. She decided to hold a yard sale to raise funds before starting treatment. As if by serendipity, she held it on Valentine’s Day, and it was there she met John.

A friend of hers arranged a date between the two that evening, and they hung out and talked all night. Together ever since, Jamie and John fell in love while facing her cancer at the same time. Though they thought she was in remission, Jamie was diagnosed with a recurrence in December 2016.

She began chemo this past January and with that came the physical effects like hair loss. Like many patients who choose to wear head coverings, Jamie chose to wear wigs to cope with the changes that come with chemo.

Love prevailed and John and Jamie wed on May 12, 2017 in a ceremony in Midlothian, Texas. It was on her wedding day that she decided to do something special. We all know about the bouquet-tossing tradition during the reception. Some people do it the classical way, others tweak it a little, and some alter it completely.

In the video below, the beautiful bride stands in front of a group of single ladies waiting to make the catch. Counting down with her fingers, she signals the bunch that she’s about to make the toss. The women count down with her, and when she gets to one, she lets it fly to a chorus of screams.

Only the “it” flying through the air wasn’t her flowers – it was her wig. Yes Jamie! Watch the exciting moment as Jamie reveals her bald head during the celebration. Celebrating love, beauty, and family, she surprised guests with her move. Leading up to the wedding, Jamie planned on throwing something, but it wasn’t until the day of that she made her final decision.

“Yes, it was my wedding day and yes, I wore a wig, but I feel just as blessed and beautiful bald-headed. To me a bald head shows courage, the will to fight, the will to not let anything get you down.”

Unafraid of her appearance, she wants to show others who are living with cancer to find joy and have a positive attitude. In the midst of her fight, she continues to be optimistic:

“I want people like me who are fighting the fight to remember that no matter how his or her life is dealt, God has you in the palm of his hands and that being optimistic is the key. Cancer, just like any life-threatening disease is scary of course. I’m not going to lie, I have my moments, but I will not be defeated. With the continued love and support of friends and family, I will beat this like I have before.”


Jamie’s toss was a wonderful take on an old tradition, and guests got to celebrate more than just her nuptials. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to go through her journey alone.

What do you think of Jamie’s love story and special wedding moment? Are you inspired to let it fly like she did? Share with us in the comments!