When we think of going to a city council meeting and addressing the council with our concerns, we think it is probably a serious matter. There is probably a major problem that we feel needs to be fixed and is urgent. There must be something done in order to protect our family and our community or to change things for the better.

Some people seem to have a great sense of humor about city council meetings. At a meeting in Lincoln, Nebraska, a man named Ander Christensen stood in front of the microphone ready to share his concern. You can tell from the video that this meeting happened recently since everyone sitting behind him is wearing a face mask and since they are also spaced out social distance style with most of the seats blocked off.

Christensen looks very serious. He has a concern. He mentions how everyone has been living a lie and lying to their children. He has our attention, that’s for sure. 

Then, he mentions what exactly it is that he’s concerned about – boneless chicken wings. He’s not concerned about the safety of the chicken. He’s not a vegetarian saying that we shouldn’t eat meat. What he’s concerned about is the name itself.

First of all, Christensen claims that the name is inaccurate, and that is what bothers him the most; however, that is not his only issue with the name. 

The other people in the room can be heard snickering in the background, and the woman seated in the background can be seen trying to stifle a laugh. At one point, the man at the microphone addresses the laughter saying that he wants to be taken seriously.

Watch this humorous video below.

We love the punchline at the very end of the video where one of the city council members shares that Christensen is actually his son.

The comments on this video are equally amusing. One person wrote, “That city councilman was so impressed that he decided to adopt this hero on the spot.”

Another viewer wrote, “I am outraged that someone in the gallery brazenly interrupted this courageous thought leader.”

Have you ever been to a city council meeting? Does the name “boneless chicken wings” bother you?