It has been almost two months since actor and comedian Bob Saget was found unresponsive in his hotel room. He died unexpectedly at the age of 65. His friends, family and fans have grieved his death and reflected on the difference he made in their lives.

Saget’s widow, Kelly Rizzo, talked to her husband for the last time the night before he died. He had finished performing at a comedy club in Jacksonville, Florida. He was planning to fly home the very next day. On the phone, they told each other “I love you.” Unfortunately, he never made it home alive.

Now that Rizzo has had a little bit of time to process her husband’s loss, she decided to share some of her thoughts in her Instagram stories. She started by talking about the grieving process. She explained, “A lot of people don’t really understand, don’t really like to talk about it, it’s not a very fun topic, but it’s something that at one point or another, we all go through.”

Rizzo went on to add, “Especially doing it very publicly, it adds a whole other level. It takes it to this different place that you understand things in a certain way.”

You might think that grieving publicly would be more difficult, but it seems that Rizzo has found it helpful in several ways. For starters, some strangers who have reached out to her have become friends since they can relate to what she’s going through. In addition, she has realized that the impact her late husband had on others was much bigger than she ever realized, and she believes that his impact was much bigger than he even realized.

Rizzo said, “I can assure you that the kindness you all have shown has been a little bright spot and has made this a bit easier.” She added, “The thing that has really helped is seeing how much you all loved Bob because this outpouring is something like, I don’t think anybody has ever seen.” She continued, “Seeing how much of an impact he had on all your lives is life-changing and [it’s] just immeasurable how much it means to all of us, and especially how much I know it would mean to Bob.”

Watch the video below to hear more of Rizzo’s thoughts about her late husband’s death and the impact he had on others.

Did Bob Saget have an impact on your life?