Whether you’re black or white, one thing’s for sure: It’s hard to understand how the other one feels in certain situations or why they do certain things they do. The only way to find out for sure? Is to ask!

It all started when Afrocentric Films Collaborative, a filmmaking organization that educates, sales, produces and distributes African Diaspora Cinema and Nostalgia, posted a query on Facebook: “Okay black people, ask white people one question you always wanted to know.”

Naturally, questions began to pour in from followers of the page about all sorts of things—from food-related questions to thoughts on certain TV shows, some of these posts are pretty hilarious.

What makes it even funnier are the actual responses to the questions. These people posting probably weren’t aware that they’d actually be getting their questions answered, but that’s just what happened.

The post has thousands of likes, which each question getting its own high volume as well, and for good reason. Here are the top funniest things black people don’t understand about white people—and the answers that followed.

  1. Where’s that money come from?

    I mean, you’re only a PART TIME heirloom tomato therapist, so the numbers just quite aren’t adding up.

  2. What’s the deal with green bean casserole?

    This may have been rhetorical, but they got an accurate answer.

  3. Just a pinch?

    “I’m helping.”

  4. Becky?

    There are many different types of Beckys in this world.

  5. What’s with the odd bathroom décor?

    Lots of confusion around decorative washcloths and if they ever get used.

  6. Shorts in winter?

    The cold never bothered white people anyway.

  7. Do you guy even have cousins?

    There may be a legit reason for this.

  8. What’s up with you guys in horror movies?

    It just makes everyone watching hide between their hands.

  9. Dog kisses—on the mouth?

    Uh yeah, what are you some kind of monster?

Okay, we admit, this conversation may not be the everyday norm we see on social media. Many people actually expressed that the questions made them feel a bit uncomfortable or responded with anger. But despite that, one prospector made a good observation:

Ain’t that the truth! What do you think of some of these questions and funny responses? What would you have asked in the Facebook thread?