We never really thought of Bill Nye as a chef. He’s a scientist. If you grew up watching Bill Nye, you probably agree, but when you think about it, cooking is really science, especially baking. Nye showcases this fact in his latest TikTok video.

Yes, in case you didn’t already know, Bill Nye is on TikTok. He has already showed us super helpful things like how to know if a face mask is effective by using nothing more than a candle. Now, he is showing us something equally helpful if you like pizza.

Nye takes an empty water bottle and adds ingredients one at a time. First, he adds sugar. Then he adds warm water. Next, he adds yeast. He shakes the bottle, tops it with a balloon and leaves it alone saying “let’s see what happens.”

What happens is that Nye is preparing the yeast to make pizza crust, and he definitely proves that he knows his way around the kitchen. His pizza toppings are pretty fancy too, far from your ordinary cheese and pepperoni. He tops one half of the pizza with spinach, pecorino romano, olive oil and garlic. The other half of the pizza has braised onions, salmon and crème fraîche. We’re pretty sure you could top your own pizza with whatever ingredients you prefer.

Watch the video below to see how Nye makes his pizza and how delicious it looks when it’s done.

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One TikTok user commented, “Bill Nye the cooking guy?” That’s exactly what we were thinking. We would love to see more “cooking is science” videos from Nye on TikTok.

Many other viewers commented about how nostalgic this video makes them feel. It reminds them of being in science class in elementary school. Honestly, again, us too.

Are you going to try making pizza crust using Nye’s water bottle method? Did you grow up watching Bill Nye?