You’ve probably heard sayings like “dress for success” and “dress for the job you want.” Well, if you’re a waitress and you want to make a lot of money, it turns out that how you wear your hair matters potentially more than what you’re wearing.

One waitress named Bella posted on TikTok that she saw a TikTok another waitress did, and the other waitress mentioned that she made more money in tips when she wore her hair in pigtails. Bella decided to try it out and see if it worked.

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She was shocked that the pigtails worked, and that left her wondering if it was a fluke or if it would happen again. She experimented with other hairstyles to find out. The next day when she went to work, she wore her hair in space buns instead of pigtails, and she noticed that she didn’t get tipped as much with her hair in the space buns.

The next day, she tried a different variation of space buns where she parted her hair, wore it in dutch braids and finished the braids off with space buns. Again, her tips weren’t as good as when she wore her hair in pigtails.

Her forth experiment was a variation of pigtails but with bubble braids. That day, she ended up getting tipped about as well, maybe even better than the first time she wore pigtails. Her parting thoughts were, “definitely wear some sort of pigtails to work.”

The following day, she wore her hair in dutch braids but as pigtails instead of with space buns at the end. The results? They worked just as well as other variations of pigtails.

Her next experiment was with low pigtails that weren’t braided. She thought they get her good tips but not quite as good as the higher pigtails with the braids.

The next time she went to work, she did dutch braids again but ended them in low pigtails instead of braiding to the end of her hair. She was undecided about whether that style worked well because the restaurant she works at closed unexpectedly early that day.

Bella decided to try out braided pigtails again. She put her hair in high pigtails and then braided them. She thought it was “gross” that pigtails seem to work, but she was hoping to get big tips.

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In her next video in the series, Bella gave an update that the braided pigtails worked again. Then she proceeded to try high pigtails that weren’t braided. The next day she tried dutch braids that ended higher up on her hair and were finished off as pigtails instead of braids.

In an update video, she shared that the pigtails definitely get her more tips, and she shared her surprise that her videos have been getting media attention.

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After experimenting with space buns yet again, Bella went back to the original style of high braided pigtails. It worked again. She got compliments on her hair and big tips.

Does it surprise you that at least according to one waitress’s personal experience, men tip waitresses more when they wear their hair in pigtails?