Any seasoned parent will tell you that raising a kid isn’t as glamorous as it’s made out to be on TV. Moms and dads endure midnight feedings followed by midnight spit-ups, petty arguments over toilet seats, and looking at creepy makeovers when their little ones get into Mom’s cosmetics stash.

Yep, being a parent ain’t easy, so when we come across a clever mom or dad who has managed to make the whole parenting thing really work for them, we like to show our gratitude by sharing their nuggets of wisdom with the world. Here’s how 11 smart parents are managing to “hack” the mommy and daddy lifestyle…

  1. They turn their diaper wipe containers into diaper bags

    Elizabeth Rasco pretty much “broke the Internet” – or the Internet’s mom’s sites, at least – when she posted pictures of her genius baby kit hack. It’s so genius, in fact, it makes clunky and expensive diaper bags completely obsolete!

  2. They carry their car seats without breaking their backs

    Love your newborn, but hate her bulky and oh-so-heavy car seat? Instead of compromising your lower back, try this simple ergonomic carrying technique instead. Your muscles will thank you!

  3. They are there without really being there

    Sometimes all a restless sleeper needs is a reassuring hand on the back (a.k.a. a glove filled with dried beans) to keep her in a peaceful dreamland. Why didn’t we think of that?!

  4. They take control of their utility bills

    This mom’s thermostat declaration may seem extreme on the surface, but any parent with a sky-high gas bill can surely relate to her sentiment!

  5. They don’t let a little thing like a cross-country Halloween flight get in the way of their kid’s trick-or-treating time

    A crafty daddy “won” Halloween when he distributed this sweet note to each and every one of his fellow passengers.

  6. They find creative ways to make car rides more bearable

    Do your kids kick, punch, pinch, or just plain annoy each other during car rides? If so, follow this smart dad’s lead and add a couple of partitions. Works like a charm!

  7. They recognize that desperate times call for desperate measures

    So, climbing into the crib with your crying kiddo might not be a traditional “hack” per se, but it’s one that every parent has thought about doing at one time or another. Hey— if it keeps them out of your bed, then maybe it’s not such a terrible solution!

  8. They make their kids heard if they’re not seen

    Looking to both entertain and keep track of your wandering kiddo? If so, then simply glue a few pennies onto the soles of a pair of old shoes. Fun AND useful!

  9. They keep their kids safe in crowded places

    Keeping track of kids at bustling amusement parks, malls, or parks can be a stressful experience for parents. To make sure yours stay safe, write your contact info on your little one’s wrist and seal it with a swipe of a liquid bandage for waterproof protection. Smart!

  10. They make hard-boiled eggs into “dino eggs”

    Convert your kiddo’s love for sugary cereal into a love for a healthy breakfast with this awesome hard-boiled “dino egg” hack!

  11. They take coloring to the next level

    Sure, it does involve placing your toddler in a box, but it’s a heck of a lot better than cleaning crayon from off the walls!

We’d love to hear your take on all of these awesome parenting hacks. Which one is your favorite? Have you tried any of these yourself? Do you have a parenting hack of your own that you would like to share?