Sometimes we feel bad for people who are named Karen. It must be hard having your name used for a negative stereotype of an entitled woman who thinks she is always right and demands to speak to the manager and get special treatment everywhere she goes. 

While many people named Karen are probably absolutely wonderful, people who are called Karen based on the stereotype described above are dreadful. 

You might know someone who acts like a Karen. You might be related to someone who acts like a Karen. Just imagine being married to a Karen.

We can’t imagine, but some Reddit users are hear to clue us in. Reddit user ThisOne_NotThisOne asked the community, “Redditors who are married to Karens, how is it like?”

Get ready for some entertaining answers. If you’re married, you’ll probably appreciate your spouse even more after reading some of these experiences.

  1. Who Can I Complain To?

    RolandTowers wrote:

    Married to one. She doesn’t get why people think Karens complain so much! It’s annoying for her and she’d like to talk to someone about this.

  2. It’s “A Living Hell”

    Secret_MPH_Guy shared:

    My life has been a living hell. The number of times I have had to intervene to save the life of a customer service rep over nickels is insane. I’ve asked for divorce now just a couple weeks ago. Guess how that went over.

  3. Ex-Wife

    Written by unholymole1:

    My ex wife is a Karen, in every sense but name. It was always so embarrassing. She was incapable of treating anyone like a human for the most trivial of occurrences. It was hell for me, as a person that’s pretty forgiving and don’t seek out confrontation. So in a 1 word description it was Hell. LolP.s she’s very codependent and jumps from relationship to relationship these days. Not surprised.

  4. Where Are the Karen Husbands?

    Another Reddit user wrote:

    None of them are on here, they’re on shared Facebook accounts named “KarenNDave Smith”.

  5. We’re Getting Divorced

    Haitisicks explained:

    I’m divorcing a KarenNothing was ever good enough, everything had to be the most expensive thing and even then it wasn’t good enough. It was exhausting and it sucked the passion I had for life out of me.

  6. He Loves Her Anyway

    734YTR667W354 wrote:

    I knew from the beginning that there would be difficulties but I loved her and made the leap to make her my forever partner. Yes, her attitude towards certain people and things confused me at times, but by keeping an open mind and accepting her for who she was, everything has worked out well. We’ve been married for 10 years, we have a darling daughter, and I’ve even come to love my wife’s kimchi fried rice.

  7. “A Recovering Karen”

    556DaysOfBoog shared:

    Engaged to one, she was raised as a princess by here military raised father. However she’s super down to earth but god forbid you work in the service industry and mess something up. She worked at IHOP during college so it humbled her compared to her family. She just writes reviews now (good or bad) and emails corporate to complain. If something is wrong with my food she refuses me to sit there and eat it. Which I hate but I have gotten her better about it (I believe). So maybe she is just a recovering Karen at this point.

  8. Another Ex

    GeoDude86 shared:

    This is going to get buried, but it’s a juicy one. I was married to Karen, and it was absolutely embarrassing and cost me many good friendships. I was in the military and she would continually cause drama with the other wives, wear my rank on her sleeve, and was the first person to judge. She always had the attitude that she was better than everyone (still does from what I’ve heard) and flip out on servers and I would have to straight-up have to sneak tip them.

  9. Alimony Is Worthwhile

    nicknack860 added:

    I happily pay alimony now, and I never have to hear her again.

  10. A Nightmare

    MrTrism recounts his experience:

    Was married to one. Think they are a monster in public? Absolutely terrible at home. Bullies, nasty, can not lose an arguement. Physically and mentally abusive.Worst thing she would do, is if she had the idea I might walk out, she would physically corner me, ensure she was 1 inch from me, and scream in my face for sometimes over an hour, trying to egg me into touching her so “she could call the cops on me for assault.”

  11. I Know Where the Managers Live

    Stuf404 wrote:

    I know the name and address I’d every manager working a 30 mile radius.The drawers in our kitchen are overflowing with out of date coupons that she still attempts to use. We spend hundreds of dollars on Bob cuts and sunglasses I dont think we’ll make rent this month, but I’m sure she’ll find a way to talk to our landlords manager.

  12. Shyness Tones Down the Karen Tendencies

    rtroth2946 shared:

    Wife is a Karen in training. Her shyness keeps her from being a full blown Karen but behind closed doors, everything is gaslighting and my fault.

  13. She Wrecked Everything

    masterpososo explained:

    I am divorced from my Karen. I used to go into our local video rental store and find that she had closed our account in a huff over incorrectly-applied late fees. I would have a quiet conversation with the manager during which I would apologize for whatever she had said, and he would then reinstate my account (with no late fees). I can only imagine the scenes she caused there that resulted in our account getting closed. I realized later that these interactions at the video store were a microcosm of our entire relationship. She went about in a righteous huff wreaking havoc in all areas of our life, while I was left to pick up the pieces.

  14. Surrounded by Karens

    RonSwansonsOldMan wrote:

    I’m a Karen magnet. I was married to a Karen, her mom was a Karen, my mom and grandma were Karens. My MIL Karen was Ray’s mom on Everybody Loves Raymond. When I went out to eat with my mom and grandma, my mom complained that the coffee was too hot and my grandma complained that the ice cream was too cold. My Karen wife got us thrown out of the little league game for harassing the 15 year old umpire.Now I’m by myself and Karen-free.

  15. Vaccinations

    IrishSoaker added:

    I have to vaccinate myself in secret