Hurricane Michael has come and gone, destroying nearly everything in its Floridian path. Specifically, in Mexico Beach, one of the hardest hit areas, pictures of destroyed homes are devastating.

With winds gusting wildly at up to 155 miles per hour, nearly every single one has been abolished and remain broken and crumbled in the sand. Well, except for one single house, still standing perfectly unharmed.

Though everything around this one house was completely obliterated, this house, owned by Dr. Lebron Lackey, a radiologist from Tennessee, and his uncle, Russell King, remained safe. While the two are completely devastated for the others who weren’t as lucky, there was a reason their home was able to survive. Check it out in the video below.

The reason has to do with how they built their house from the ground up. While the code in the Florida Panhandle says you must build a house to withstand 120 mile per hour winds, these two actually went above that and built the home with 240-250 mile per hour winds in mind.

“We went above and beyond the code and asked the question, ‘What would survive the big one?’ and we consistently tried to build it for that,” Dr. Lackey said.

Specifically, Dr. Lackey and King built thick concrete walls (about one foot). Tall 40-foot pilings were driven deep into the ground. They also installed steel cables to keep the roof in tact in the event of strong storms. They really thought of everything to protect their home—and it worked like a charm.

The two paid a bit extra for all their additional protection, but said it was completely worth it—and we don’t think anyone can disagree there.

Check out the video below for an exclusive interview with the two as they further discuss what they did to protect their home—and how you can too. Hint: Always go above and beyond building code standards.

Can you believe this home withstood the strength of such a historic storm? Do you think that stricter codes are needed?