One of the reasons we encourage our kids to play sports is to learn good sportsmanship. We want them to know how to play as a team, how to win without making other people feel bad and how to lose without feeling bad about themselves.

We want our kids to be the kinds of people who work well with others and try again when they don’t succeed the first time. We want our kids to be compassionate and hardworking. We want them to be a lot like professional basketball player Steven Adams of the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Usually you wouldn’t think it would be a good thing for a basketball player to give up the opportunity to shoot a basket. Usually you wouldn’t think it would be a good idea for a basketball player to give up that opportunity because he was more concerned about a player on the opposing team, but that’s just what happened.

During an NBA game where the Oklahoma City Thunder was up against the Denver Nuggets, Adams was near the basket, and he caught a pass. There were eight minutes left on the clock. You would think it would be crazy not to jump up and shoot the basket. We’re sure that’s what Adams was planning on doing, but in an instant, things changed.

Mason Plumlee of the Denver Nuggets jumped up to defend the shot, but he misjudged his location and jumped too early. He landed on Adams’ shoulder and started falling towards the ground.

Adams could’ve ignored this, glad that nobody was really blocking the shot, but he didn’t. Instead, he turned to help Plumlee and try to stop his fall.

We know. This isn’t something you hear about in sports very often. Watch this incredible moment for yourself in the video below.