Bartender Reveals the Drastic Change in the Way People Treat Her After Weight Gain

You’ve probably heard of “white privilege,” but what about “pretty privilege”? It’s the same concept—inherent benefits to being pretty, ones that someone may not notice until it’s gone.

That’s just what happened to Cassidy Lane, who recently shared her story on TikTok. Because it was so relatable, the video went viral, racking up almost 1.5 million views.

Lane shares in her emotional video how, as a bartender, her job, unfortunately, relies on her looks. That’s just how it goes—people treat you differently based on how attractive you are or what your body type looks like. And she knows this because she’s witnessed it first hand.

As someone who used to have an eating disorder, Lane got help to begin living a healthy lifestyle. And with that, came some weight gain. Healthy weight gain of course, but weight gain.

While she was happy about it, she explained how after the shift in her looks, “people don’t even look you in the eye anymore.” Before breaking down in tears, Lane shares how drastically different encounters with men at her job are now that she’s a bit heavier.

Before her weight gain, Lane says that people were much nicer to her, especially at work—now? They barely give her the time of day before quickly ordering their drinks and walking away from her. Imagine what that can do to your ego, especially when you were previously treated much better than that.

At the end of her video, she also addresses that when she shares this story with others, many people try to tell her that stuff like that doesn’t really happen—and she has a few choice words for them.

“People saying that doesn’t actually happen, please raise your hand if you would willingly like to live as a fat person,” she says in the video. “The fact that no one raises their hand makes the point and it just makes you feel hopeless. Like, am I ever going to be worth more than my looks?”

It certainly is a real thing. Can’t we all stop treating people for how they look on the outside and what they’re like on the inside? That’s what counts after all!

You can watch the whole emotional video below.

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Have you or anyone you know ever been a victim of “pretty privilege” or have been treated differently after your appearance changed? How did you or they handle it?