Baby Has an Unexpected Reaction to Mom’s Song

When I was a baby, very few things would calm me down from a fit and get me to fall asleep. The only thing that would always do the trick? Music, especially when someone would sing to me. I’m sure I wasn’t the only infant who needed to hear my parents singing to finally nod off.

Well, this adorable baby has pretty much the exact opposite reaction.

Little Harmony Grace is absolutely adorable, and she’s obviously a good girl! She’s sitting very calmly in her high chair when the video begins and, out of frame, her mom asks if she can sing that song she made up because “she’s so proud of her.” We don’t know if Harmony ate her snack or took her nap without a fuss, but she obviously did something that warranted her very own song!

Mom starts to sing Harmony’s song, which she wrote herself. The lyrics (there’s only two of them, repeated a few times) go a little something like this:

“I’m gonna shout to the whole wide world, my baby Harmony is a good girl.”

It’s a happy, simple tune and mom sounds good singing it! But rather than smile and dance along to her song, Harmony seems to feel differently.

About the second time mom goes through the lyrics, Harmony’s face starts to transform. Not into a grin, like we expected, but rather into a sad grimace! Moments later, the little girl is crying in her high chair.

Harmony crying at mom's song.Newsflare/johnandmel
Quickly, mom stops singing and asks her baby what’s wrong. She assures the infant that everything is okay and that she’s singing this song because she’s proud of her. Then, once Harmony seems to have calmed down from her emotional outburst, mom tries to sing to tune again.

Again, almost immediately this time, Harmony hears the song and bursts into tears! Finally, mom realizes that it’s the song that’s bothering her little girl, and she does her best to calm her down.

Just to test the theory, mom tries singing the song one last time to Harmony. True to what we’ve seen so far, the little girl immediately gets emotional! Half laughing, half feeling obviously bad, mom sweetly asks the baby to stop crying and apologizes for her apparently upsetting song.

We’re not sure why Harmony doesn’t like her mom’s jingle (we think it’s kind of catchy!) but her intended audience definitely wasn’t as into the tune as she thought she would be! Either way, it was sweet of this mom to show her love through song and little Harmony is downright adorable.

Why do you think this song bothered Harmony? Make sure to share your thoughts on this funny, unexpected video.