TikTok Video Shows Clever Method for Arranging Flowers In a Vase Like a Pro

Planning a wedding? A friend’s baby shower? Just a dinner with family? All of these events and others might require some kind of flower arrangement (or many).

However, going to a florist to create an arrangement for you can really burn a hole through your wallet. Flower arrangements vary in price, depending on the types of flowers, but they all have one thing in common: Most are very, very expensive!

If you’re super crafty, you might think of making the flower arrangement by yourself. But if you’re not the biggest DIY pro, you might immediately toss the idea of creating a flower arrangement by yourself to the wayside. You might think it’s too difficult or it’ll take you a really long time—all valid fears. However, one TikTok user is here to assure you it’s really not that hard!

TikTok user @ggthegardengirl is showing us a way to make sure the flower arrangement looks professional in a super clever, easy hack. In the video that recently went viral, the woman explains a common issue that many people have when trying to create flower arrangements by themselves is that the flowers may fall over in a funky, non-aesthetically pleasing way once they’re inside the vase. It might seem like nothing you do can make them look quite right—but alas, there is!

The trick? All you need is a few pieces of tape! In the video, the user demonstrates how to position tape (floral tape or basic tape works just as well) over a vase so that you can stick your flowers inside each gap. Once the flowers have their own little hole, there’s really nowhere for them to go, so you don’t have to worry about them ever flopping around.

You seriously won’t believe how simple this is until you see it! Fans of her page couldn’t help but comment in awe of the easy trick.

“OMG this is genius,” someone wrote.

“You’re like the Bob Ross of gardening,” someone else quipped.

“This is really, really smart,” another person said.

“CEO of DIY,” someone else acknowledged. “I’ll definitely be trying this.”

Go ahead—see for yourself how this awesome trick works in the video below.

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Wow! Did you think it could ever be that easy to make a professional-looking floral arrangement? Have you ever made your own floral arrangement for an event? Will you be trying this trick next time?