Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting times in your life—you’re going to be a mom! There’s so much to do—plan the nursery, pick a name, and of course, register for all the baby items.

There’s pack and plays, bed sheets, and toys and toys galore. There’s crib mobiles and car seats and…wow, there’s a lot to research isn’t there?

Most of the time, moms take to their baby registries with careful planning. They research brands, Google must-haves and can-do-withouts. All that to say that registers are carefully curated.

That’s why one mom-to-be decided to be straight-up with her baby shower guests and tell them that they will return any gift that wasn’t purchased from the baby shower registry. She took a long time to make that, after all.

But some of her guests through that was kind of rude. What if they wanted to get her something else? It’s THEIR gift, isn’t it?

The woman posted her story to a forum called MamasUncut.

“Am I wrong for feeling that if people don’t buy off of the registry for the baby shower that I made specifically of things my baby and I will NEED and guest choose to buy other things that we didn’t ask for, we should receive receipts so we can return the items we don’t need and get what we actually need and asked for in the first place?” she asked.

“I want the bottles I asked for that will feed my baby daily,” she explained. “I don’t want those onesies you thought were so cute but may not be in my taste for what I feel comfortable with my child wearing.”

In the post, she continued to list off items that she chose—and does NOT want any other kind. Period.

“I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I personally feel that baby showers are to benefit the mother and father by saving them money in the long run, correct?” she asked. “But if no one is buying what the mother and father need off of the registry and then the mother and father have to go buy it themselves anyway, it defeats the purpose of the baby shower, to begin with. Am I wrong?”

The post received countless messages bashing the woman for being so ungrateful.

“You are supposed to take what you get and appreciate it,” someone said. “It’s the thought that counts.”

You’re being selfish,” another person stated. “If people buy something for your baby you should be grateful they even got anything at all. After all, it’s not the guests’ responsibility to buy everything you need for your baby.”

“This is the most stuck up and ungrateful thing someone has asked on here,” another said.

So, it’s unanimous: Accept ANY gift you get!

What are your thoughts—do you think you should always stick to the registry, or leave some room for creativity? Do you prefer to buy off the registry or get something else?