If you’re a fan of the show “Love Is Blind,” and if you like easy recipes that you can whip up with a few simple ingredients, this post is for you!

Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski is a wiz in the kitchen. In fact, if you tell him what ingredients you have on hand, he can show you how to turn them into a fantastic and easy-to-make meal. No kidding.

Antoni invites anyone who is interested to send him an email letting him know what ingredients you’re working with, and he’ll show lucky fans a recipe that they can make. This is especially helpful if you have certain ingredients that you’re just not sure how to use.

Recently, Antoni made a recipe for a couple fans know and love from “Love Is Blind,” Lauren and Cameron. The couple met and first bonded simply over the sound of each other’s voice and through conversation. Instead of love at first sight, it was truly love at first sound.

Now, Antoni is helping the happy couple in the kitchen by sharing an easy recipe that they can make with ingredients they already have. First, Antoni asked them to give him a tour of their kitchen, and he asked them questions along the way. You could tell he already had an idea about what to make and that he wanted to make sure they had all the necessary ingredients.

Then, Antoni asked them if they had ever had spaghetti carbonara. Lauren shared that she had never had that particular dish, but she seemed excited to try it out.

While it sounds fancy, it turns out that spaghetti carbonara is actually quick and easy to make. It also uses common ingredients like eggs, bacon and whatever type of pasta you happen to have on hand. After Antoni demonstrated how to make the recipe, Lauren and Cameron tasted the pasta themselves. They used the exact recipe that Antoni shared to make the pasta.

Watch the video below to learn how to make spaghetti carbonara yourself. Bonus, you’ll learn some inside secrets from Lauren and Cameron about their relationship and the show “Love Is Blind.”

Viewers love how real and in love Lauren and Cameron really are. They are also in love with this pasta recipe. One viewer commented, “Wow all such sweet personalities! And beyond beautiful. This dish looks wildly delicious and I can’t wait to make.”

Are you going to try this pasta recipe? Are you a fan of the show “Love Is Blind?”