Anne Hathaway Confirms That She Was Pregnant While Filming ‘The Witches’

If you’re a parent, chances are, you’ve probably spent the first few months of your pregnancy trying to keep quiet about the whole thing. In today’s society, it’s taboo to tell people about it too soon in fear something bad might happen. And that rule is even more so when you’re an actor.

Anne Hathaway is officially confirming that she was, indeed, pregnant with her now 11-month-old son, Jack, when was filming The Witches, which came out only a few days ago—October 22, 2020.

“I was pregnant when I made The Witches, so technically he’s all over that performance,” Hathaway recently said.

Well, now we won’t be able to take our eyes off the actress when we see the film!

During the film, in an attempt to keep the pregnancy a secret, she had to tell some white lies quite a few times, and one time, she even found herself fibbing to iconic costume designer Joanna Johnston.

“She goes, ‘I really want you to have a really tight waist.’ And I had just found out that I was pregnant and I was like, ‘Mmm, no. No, I don’t think so. No,’ ” Hathaway explained. “And she was like, ‘Well, why?’ And I was like, ‘Eh, you know, I just know myself.’ I’m scrambling for a reason. And I’m like, ‘I just know myself and I know that I won’t be as free. I won’t be as free if I’m constrained around my middle, so we just better make everything very loose.’”

Ha! Well, that doesn’t sound completely sketchy or anything.

Little Jack joined she and her husband Adam Shulman’s family in July. The two already had another son, Jonathan Rosebanks, who’s 4 ½ and loves his little brother. And Hathaway couldn’t love her family more, even if it took some time to get there.

In fact, that was part of the reason she kept her pregnancy with Jack hidden so long. When she announced Jack’s arrival officially on Instagram, she hinted that they may have had some struggles getting there. “For everyone going through infertility and conception hell, please know it was not a straight line to either of my pregnancies Sending you extra love ”

To hear more about her youngest son Jack, check out the video below.

Did you know Anne Hathaway was pregnant during the filming of The Witches? Have you seen the movie yet? Can you tell she’s in the early stages of pregnancy?