Woody Harrelson to Tackle Iconic Archie Bunker Role in ‘All in the Family’ Remake

American sitcoms have evolved through the decades, but there are a few that stand out for their groundbreaking characters and storylines during their eras. Two were All in the Family and The Jeffersons.

Later in May, ABC will be airing a one-night reboot of both shows which will be live. Woody Harrelson will play the role of Archie Bunker while Marisa Tomei will also be a lead as Edith Bunker. Archie was formerly played by Carroll O’Connor when the series aired 1971 – 1979.

The Bunkers were a working-class family who lived in Queens, New York, and Archie Bunker was known for his bigoted views, surliness, and non-politically correct way of speaking. In today’s day and age, many have said that such a show would not fly.

Norman Lear – who is now 96 – is the creator behind both shows,  and wanted to put that critique to the test by producing the live broadcast of these classics. Lear is partnering up with Jimmy Kimmel to bring the 90-minute special to TV screens on May 22.

If you were fans of the originals and plan to tune in, you can also expect to see Jamie Foxx as George Jefferson and Wanda Sykes as Louise. Will Ferrell will also be making an appearance as Tom Willis, the Jeffersons’ neighbor.

Were you a fan of the original All in the Family? Will you be watching this one-time remake? Out of both shows, who were your favorite characters?