We all know what it feels like when start dating someone: The butterflies. The giggles. The sheer giddiness. You’ve found your person and they’re all you ever want to think about or hang out with. They seriously could do NO wrong.

This is called the “honeymoon phase” of a relationship. And while this phase can be a fun one, it also tends to cloud your judgement on your significant other. You both might not be being totally and completely yourselves just yet.

But a few months or years into dating, and you’re more apt to find out that your perfect human might actually have flaws. In fact, they DEFINITELY have flaws. Not ones that can necessarily break you apart, but when you start feeling more comfortable with each other, you’re more likely to be honest and not do things all the time to impress the other person.

It’s true that relationships tend to change once you get over the “honeymoon phase.” Here are a few pictures that sum out just how that happens:

  1. Sharing goes out the window

    What’s yours is really not theirs…especially when it comes to food.

  2. And if you DO share…

    Accuracy is extremely important.

  3. One of you has to suffer when sleeping

    Whether it’s your partner rolled up in the blanket or sprawled out in bed.

  4. You may still leave each other sexy notes


  5. The flowers may be less frequent

    But you may get a random tomato here or there.

  6. Hundreds of dinner dates later

    …And you both don’t quite look the same as you did before.

  7. No longer does your significant other help out around the house

    …They spend their time doing way more annoying (yet funny) things.

  8. “Hey can you put the pillow cases on the pillows?”

    Umm, I didn’t mean literally on TOP of them.

  9. Pranks happen regularly

    Especially when they involve rubber creatures.

  10. Arguments can and will be held against you

    Not only in the court of law but also when it comes to who takes the trash out.

  11. You might stay madder longer

    Like a whole 20 minutes instead of 5.

  12. But you never let people see you argue

    …That stays at home.

  13. You’re no longer shy about your bowel movements

    Everyone poops and your spouse needs to know everything about it.

  14. You don’t make as much effort to be neat

    Here’s what the tube of toothpaste looked at 2 months into a relationship vs. 2 years.

  15. But you still love the cuddle

    couple in bed with hairAmanda Oleander

    …Even if it’s not always as comfortable for one of you.

Which one of these pictures sums up your post honeymoon phase relationship the best? What are some things you’ve noticed at the beginning of a relationship that you don’t necessarily see now?