Have you seen Adele recently? Perhaps you have and just didn’t realize it. The British singer dropped 100 pounds in the past year. Yeah. You heard that right.

A source told Express, “She got to the point where she didn’t feel great. She knew she had to change something, because she wants to be the healthiest mum possible.” Apparently, Adele isn’t concerned about a number on a scale but about feeling good and being healthy. We can definitely get behind that.

On her Instagram feed, Adele shared a stunning photo back in December where she posed with the Grinch. Her weight loss is undeniable. Adele’s transformation comes after her split from her husband last April. 

A huge part of Adele’s slim down is thanks to reformer pilates, but according to Adele’s former personal trainer, the musician also changed her diet. Express reports that she only ate 1000 calories per day and drank a green juice drink every day.

Recently, Adele showed up at Beyonce and Jay Z’s private Oscar party, and she was practically unrecognizable. There was a no-photo policy at the party, but one guest managed to snap a selfie with Adele which she posted on Instagram.


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In the photo, Adele is wearing a form-fitting leopard-print dress that really shows off her much smaller physique. We have to wonder how many guests wondered who she was at first glance.


Many fans have commented how Adele looks extra beautiful now that she’s slimmer, but they’re quick to point out that she’s always been beautiful. One person wrote, “She looks great and probably feels better too… more energy etc. to be honest I think she was just as beautiful before and that hasn’t changed her Beauty inside or out!” Another comment reads, “Shes always looked good just healthier now.”

Then there are other fans who are worried about her dramatic weight loss hoping that she actually is healthy. “I just really hope she’s lost all this weight in a healthy way and that her mental health is in a good state as well”

Yet, other fans are claiming that she looked better when she was heavier. One comment reads, “She looked much better before.” Another person wrote, “Adele does NOT LOOK GOOD. IK she’s trying to lose weight. But she’s losing too much. Her head looks bigger than her body.”

And yet other fans wish we weren’t even talking about Adele’s weight loss. As one fan wrote, “Why we even talking about this. why it is matter what body people have.”

What do you think about Adele’s weight loss?