QR codes have changed the way we interact with businesses and find information. Instead of manually typing in a lengthy URL, we can simply scan a QR code to get all the information we need. It seems genius, but is it safe?

That’s a big question, because in theory QR codes are safe and secure. The problem comes when scammers replace legit QR codes with their own QR codes or tell you a QR code is for a legit service when it’s actually just a way of collecting your personal information including credit card numbers, mailing address and other information they could use to steal your identity.

More than once we’ve gone to a restaurant that has replaced menus with QR codes. We’ve used our phone to look at the menu, order and pay for our food. It seems great and convenient for both restaurants and their guests. Unfortunately, it’s not always what it seems.

Watch the video below to see an example of just how easy it is for a scammer to access your personal information through a QR code. Plus, learn some important advice about how to avoid getting scammed.

Like mentioned in the video, it’s a good idea not to click on QR codes unless you are sure they are associated with the business. Don’t click on QR codes from companies you don’t know and trust. Also, if it’s possible to type in a URL instead of clicking on a QR code, that might be the safer way to go.

Does it surprise you how easy it is for scammers to access your personal information through a QR code? Are you going to be more cautious before clicking on QR codes? Do you currently click on QR codes very often?